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Professor faces probe for physical assault
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Updated : 2018.08.06  01:51:58
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 A college professor is under 1) criminal scrutiny for 2) physical assault of his students in North Gyeongsang Province, according to the local police station in the area, Monday.
 The first victim 3) alleged that the professor physically assaulted him in late December 2017, kicking the victim in the shins about 10 times.
 The victim was hospitalized for two weeks. Not too long after the first victim was allegedly assaulted, the professor reportedly assaulted another student. Three additional students also said the professor called them to his office and kicked them in the shins. Police referred the case to the 4) prosecution earlier this month.

 Three of the victims’ parents had approached the school’s president and asked that the professor face 5) disciplinary action. They did not, however, file an official police report at the time of the incidents.
It is said the hospitalized student agreed not to file 6) criminal charges and 7) in return received 200,000 won ($187) from the professor. 
The professor 8) admitted he physically assaulted his students “out of rage” after finding out they had posted on Facebook, “Our college is not 9) prestigious.” 
He explained his students’ “playing around on Facebook” and their “10) dismissal of professors’ hard work at the school” triggered his rage, in a phone call with Yonhap News Agency.
11) Aside from the latest allegations, police had launched a probe into allegations that the professor had deposited 3 million won into two students’ financial aid accounts, only to have the money returned a few days later in 2016. Police reportedly dropped alleged 12) embezzlement charges against the professor.

By: Catherine Chung

Published: 2018-03-19

Source: Thr Korea Herald

<Words & Expressions>
1) criminal scrutiny: 범죄 조사
2) physical assault: 신체적 폭력
3) allege: 주장하다. (증거 없이)혐의를 제기하다.
4) prosecution: 기소
5) disciplinary action: 징계 조치
6) criminal charges: 범죄 혐의
7) in return: 대신에
8) admit: (범행, 잘못 등을) 자백하다.
9) prestigious: 명망 있는, 일류의
10) dismissal: 해고
11) aside from: ~외에도
12) embezzlement charges: 횡령 혐의

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