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Thanks to father’s love,” Life Is BeautifulA masterpiece that reignites family values
CHOI Da-eun, SON Ji hyun  |  daeun0405@nate.com, umum27@hanmail.net
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Updated : 2012.05.04  15:14:17
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  With the film industry massively improving, various genres of film have been made. In order to attract the public’s attention, film markets have been adding new ways to interest us. However, have you thought about watching heartwarming movies that can actually move us, instead of the graphical and action-packed movies we usually pick these days? These types of movies can be found in older films, and the film I’d like to introduce today is a movie called “Life is Beautiful,” which is about the love of a devoted father.

  Guido met Dora when she was an elementary school teacher in the late 1930s. Although Dora had a fiancé, Guido ran away with her because he believed that the love between them was meant to be. She married Guido and gave birth to a son Joshua and they enjoyed their life together full of happiness. However, Guido and Joshua were taken to a concentration camp because of their Jewish heritage during the time of Hitler’s reign. Guido lied to Joshua that the situation was not real but an exciting game, and that the people in camp were selected in a special order and the person who first gained 1,000 points would win. The father and son passed through many crises, but in the end Guido was shot dead by a German soldier. When Guido was dying, he tried to not worry his son by pretending as if he is playing a game. Joshua thought that the current situation was hide-and-seek and so he hid until the Sun came up and did not witness his father’s death. In the end, Joshua got back to his mother after taking a tank.


  The movie focused on the father’s love and his positive and optimistic attitude he kept for his son, and this deeply moved the audience. He was so worried about the trauma that his son would get that he told the young boy that everything was just part of a big game. Whenever he saw his son tremble, he would make a funny face just to try to cheer him up. He even posed as a clown when he was facing death because he didn’t want his son to notice that they were in a dangerous situation. It was one of the most touching scenes I’ve ever seen. We tend to concentrate on our own lives and think about our goals in the journey of life. Also, we focus on activities that we enjoy rather than on family. As a result, many of us lack communication with our families and sometimes create an alienated relationship with them. However, the most important thing that we are likely to be unaware of is parental love and the sacrifice our parents make for us. We should reflect on our actions because we have all neglected our parents on more than one occasion.

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