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Try to Make Your Dream Come TrueMake Imagination a Reality
Lee Na-Hyun  |  skgusrjsdn@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.10.04  18:21:20
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 Imagination is the act of thinking about experiences that have never taken place or about drawing or creating an object in your mind. Everyone has imagined themselves in a time machine or a flying car. For classmates who are constantly using their imaginations, there is a program for them. Creative Convergence center’s promotionl program will provide a chance for creative dreamers to make their imagination into reality.
 Now, let’s discover more about this program. To begin with, “Ideathon” (a compound word of idea and marathon) is designed to help individuals make their imaginings a reality. The program concludes with teams of students working together on similar creative new ideas. To achieve this goal, they should both make a video and produce a final proposal. The ‘Ideathon’ was held at 2pm on June 29, 2018 and ended at 10am on June 30, 2018. The program took place in LAB no. 200.

 Based on selected ideas from the program, developers, designers, and producers become a single team. When the team is established, ‘Hackerthon’ continues for two days without a sleep. Hackerthon is open to those who were chosen from the Ideathon, and it ends when they build and submit their output after two days. Hackerthon was held from September 7, 2018 until September 8, 2018 in Room No. 200 of the Bio Nano laboratory.
 Ideathon and Hackerthon accepted enrollment applications from all students at Gachon University, and the application deadline was between June 4th, 2018 to June 27th, 2018 at Wind Service. Please keep in mind that for the colleagues who were not able to apply for Ideathon at Wind Service, they won’t be able to join Hackerthon either. Before the main program began, an orientation vividly explained the Ideathon and Hackerthon too on June 1st, 2018.
 Gachonrun, Smart-mirror and other 12 creative ideas were created through Ideathon in 2016. Out of all the ideas submitted, ‘Smart Classroom’ (an idea for automatically distributing PPT slides)won the first place. The final team that won said that they brainstormed on making a proposal and developing a better program as they spent time together imagining, debating and collaborating as a team. It might just be possible for our dreams to become a reality if the right combination of talent gathers in one place. With developers, creative designers, and the right financial backing all working together, anything is possible.

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