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I’m from the UKTime with foreign friends,
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 Have you ever wanted to make a foreign friend? If you’d like to meet people, I'd like to introduce you to a great new program, <Meet a Foreign Friend!> which takes place during summer vacation at Gachon University. This program is a good chance to make foreign friends for Gachon University students. Let's check learn more about this program and an interview a foreign student from the UK.
 During the most recent summer vacation, this program held a small meeting between a UK student who studies English literature at Cambridge University and Gachon University students. The UK student visited Korea for 13 days from June 28 to July 10 and participated in the program during this period. The program was held in Vision Tower B1 of the Global Zone. The students who participated in the program had time to chat freely with the UK student and ask questions.
 During this time, there was an interview recorded with the UK student for students who couldn't participate. Below is a transcript of that interview. Hopefully, it will help those who didn’t have a chance to participate in the program catch up on what they missed:

 1. What is the reason that you participated in <Meet a Foreign Friend!> the program?
 I like to meet and talk with Korean students of similar age. I’m especially interested in knowing and understanding the similarities and differences between our two cultures.
 2. If you are interested in Korea culture, which part of Korean culture are you interest in?
 I don’t know yet, but I’ve read a book called The Vegetarian while I was in the UK. The book is amazing! Since then I wanted to read books by Korean authors more. And I’m also interested in Korean films. I’d really like to get to know more Korean film directors.
 3. Do you have a Korean food you like or you want to eat?
 My favorite Korean foods are fish cakes and bibimbap. I'm a vegetarian, so I have a limitation in what Korean foods I can eat Korean barbecue looks so good but I can’t eat it.
 4. Have you ever visited places apart form Seoul in Korea, or do you have a plan to travel to another region in Korea?
 I visited in Masan and Jeonju. I like hiking, so I hiked in Masan. The landscape in Masan was beautiful. I have a plan to go to Busan. I want to see and experience many parts of Korea.
 5. Is there anything else you’d like to do in Korea?
 I'd like to hike more. I’d also like to try some rice wine. There is nothing similar to that in the UK, so I want to try it.
 6. What is the most different thing between Korea and the UK?
 I went to Namsan Tower and saw the people running and hiking in the green areas in the center of the city. It looked strange to me. Unlike the UK, cities and green fields here coexist.
 7. How is your university life in the UK compared to Korea?
 I can't compare Korea and the UK universities because I haven’t had any experience studying in Korea. From what I’ve seen, one difference is the dormitory. Now I'm in Korea and I live in a dormitory with 3 roommates, when I lived in the UK, I had a private room and only shared a kitchen with roommates.
 The program, <Meet a Foreign Friend!> from Gachon University is a good chance to talk with foreigners. Everyone should participate in this program. It can be a great chance to experience and learn about different cultures and for meeting new people. In the meantime, you must treat foreigners as your friends. If you have a mind to be friends with foreigners, you should have the opportunity to interact with them continuously.

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