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Homemade Beverages that I Make and Drink!My own drinks without additives.
YeonSun Park  |  errdustjs@naver.com
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 How many beverages to you usually buy and consume each week? Most likely, more than at least three. People usually prefer to drink soft drinks or coffee over water when thirsty. We usually pick up something in a can at the convenience store or order a cup of coffee at a café. This has become part of the fabric of our daily lives. So, since we consume so many beverages, have you ever thought seriously about what is in them? Have you ever felt that a drink was just way too sweet or sour?Many people usually don’t think about how convenient store beverages and café beverages can be harmful to our body. So, this author would like to make some suggestions about making a home-made beverages even if that means it takes a little bit of time.
 How harmful are beverages to our body? Before starting to make a home-made beverages, we must know a bit more about this. By learning more about the potential harm caused by store-bought drinks, we can gain extra motivation for making them ourselves. Let’s think about soda as a typical example. In a soda beverage, there is a lot of sugar in it, so it can can cause obesity. Also, there are many phosphoric acid ingredients, so it can cause potentially also cause osteoporosis. Phosphoric acid is not helpful when our body tries to take in calcium, and because it also hastens calcium emission when we pee, it also causes a calcium shortage. If you think diet coke and ade beverages from family-style restaurants or fast-food chains are exceptional, you are totally wrong. While we might think ade is better than coke or sprite because it’s made from fruit, it’s actually just the same kind of beverage with as much sugar or more. Moreover, on a beverage’s nutritional label, we can easily find liquid fructose which is more harmful than sugar. Unfortunately, many people just don’t notice this. They simply follow their tastebuds and don’t realize that there is so much sugar in these kind of drinks.
 Then how are the features of home-made beverages different from the normal beverages found on the market? First, they’re more effective for losing weight, because there is no sugar or liquid fructose in them. We don’t have to put that kind of those kind of ingredients in. Second, we can use organic agave syrup to make the drink sweet in a healthier way. This syrup causes our blood sugar levels to rise more slowly than other sweeteners which is much better for us. Agave syrup is made from the natural agave cactus, which is harmless to humans because it contains no chemical additives at all. It’s also effective for losing weights, because the calories are 1/2 that compared to sugar. Moreover, we can keep it for a long time, it doesn’t set hard. Third, we can buy fresh fruits and vegetables and use them directly when we make our own beverages. Most commercial juices are made by adding synthetic flavoring agents and liquid fructose. But if we see and buy fruits and vegetables ourselves, we don’t need to worry. At a public grocery store, there are lots of frozen fruit products. If you can’t get it, you can use dried fruits as a good substitute.

 Now, it’s time to make a home-made beverage. The Writer made one kind of well-being home-made beverage. That is a ‘kiwi-smoothie’. Materials for one kiwi-smoothie is shown as follows: 2 Frozen kiwis, 7 spoons of agave syrup, 1/3cup of milk, 2 spoons of plain yogurt, 4 pieces of ice and a blender. With my ingredients ready, I followed this procedure: First, peel off the skin and slice he kiwis in a half then freeze them in a freezer. Second, put frozen kiwis in a blender and put the the agave syrup, milk, plain yogurt and ice together. Third, mix them by using a blender. Lastly, you can put the completed smoothie in a cup and decorate bit with a spoon or straw. When you make a kiwi smoothie, I have an extra tip. In a green kiwi, there is a lot of antioxidant fiber, so these are better than gold kiwis. To make a perfect frozen kiwi, it takes 30 minutes to 1 hour. Also, be sure not to over blend your ingredients in your blender. Now, let me talk about this experience. First, I used fresh good yogurt instead of normal yogurt, so the taste was really good, and it made me feel healthier. But, the best thing about home-made was that it is safe and healthy, because I chose the ingredients myself. I imagine that if I make a new home-made beverage every week, I can be healthier and stay away from commercial drinks.
 There are people who think home-made beverages are an onerous thing, because they contain the words ‘home-made’. Because commercial beverage products are finished and premade products, people can just buy and drink it easily. But we must think about which beverage is good for our health before we choose them. That is the most important thing. Rather than buying and drinking a beverage every time, making a beverage at home is good for both saving money and health. It can be little bit onerous, but if you want to make a healthy beverage that tastes just the way you want, I would like to really recommend trying this out. Just like making a melon juice for its anti-cancer effect or cabbage juice for diet effect, someday maybe you can make a well-being home-made beverage with the specific beneficial effects that you’re looking for.

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