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Learning, Cmmunication, and Relaxation All in One Place?The new place in Gachon Hall! The flowers in Gachon Hall! Let's go to the LAGOM
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 Where do you usually go to study? Most students go to a library. But have you ever felt bored in the library or felt stuffy in a cramped environment? Occasionally, you may have thought about studying in a beautiful open space. You may also have a hard time finding a place to work with classmates or to just relax. For students with these kinds of experiences, I would like to introduce a place where you can enjoy not only learning but also a sweet break.
 On June 12, 2018, the opening ceremony for the 'LAGOM' was held in the lobby of Gachon Hall. ‘LAGOM’ is a café-style student lounge designed to help students study and communicate with each other. About 100 people attended the opening ceremony, including Gachon University President Lee Gill Ya, Gachon University's school secretary, Anton (an IKEA Senior Designer), and members of the student council.
 ‘LAGOM’ in Swedish means ‘appropriate’, ‘fine’ or ‘right fit’. The name has its roots in the Swedish way of life, which values simple and balanced living and harmony with the community. The name also contains the hope that students will live in harmony with their work-life balance and harmony with the community. This facility is about 260m² and has six conference tables, 12 laptop stands, 50 chairs, and six sofas for students to relax and converse. The furniture company IKEA oversaw space design, and 30 students from the Department of Interior Architecture helped to assemble and deploy furniture and space composition.
 The lounge was designed to be as student-friendly and convenient as possible and for students to use it as easily as possible. Students can communicate and discuss freely here and relax while sitting on the couch, looking out. This space was also specifically designed for laptops so students can use them comfortably and conveniently while working on individual assignments or group work. Gachon University also plans to hold many cultural and artistic events in LAGOM. A variety of planned events will include a orchestral quintet playing music and art exhibitions for students who crave for cultural art and those seeking a break from their studies. In addition to the opening of LAGOM, Gachon University also announced that it plans to add even more student friendly spaces for students.
 The new café-style student lounge is expected to help strengthen student capabilities and academic performance by allowing a large number of students to cooperate and communicate with each other. Furthermore, it is also a meaningful place because students participated in the design of LAGOM’s interior. This place, where students can learn, communicate and relax, is indeed the perfect place for students. I hope that many students will be able to visit ‘LAGOM’ in the future to enjoy its three main aims: learning, communication and relaxation.








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