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I love you! No Matter what you look like‘Beauty inside’, the true beauty in you
Kim Gyu-Ri  |  kelly4285@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.10.04  23:28:00
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 We live in an appearance-oriented society. Amid the increasing unemployment crisis, people’s looks have become an even more important part of trying to get ahead. With interviewers looking not just at a person’s qualifications but also their looks, more and more people, especially women, are going on extreme diets and getting plastic surgery to help their prospects. These are the realities of the look-oriented society we are living in. People are more obsessed with their looks than ever and they often judge others by their appearances. It’s the same when we associate with the opposite sex. So, I want to ask a question here. Would you love your sweetheart as you did yesterday if they suddenly turned into a grandmother or an uncle or even a five-year-old boy the next day? There are probably many people who would answer negatively or remain silent. However, there is a person willing to answer this question positively. That person is the female lead in the movie that I will introduce now. From here, I’d like to introduce the movie ‘Beauty Inside ‘, which depicts a woman who loves a person despite of his constant change of appearance.

 The main character, Woo jin, unwillingly changes appearance to another person after asleep, regardless of nationality, age, or gender. Woo Jin often visits a furniture stores, where the staff member Yi Soo kindly greets him every day irrespective of his changing appearance. After seeing her unchanging kindness, Woo Jin becomes interested in her, and asks her out for dinner. He invites her to his studio and they eat and talk together, feeling good about each other. After that, he meets her several times more but one day, on his way to the meeting place, he falls asleep and changes into an old man. Due to his changed appearance, Woo Jin couldn’t go meet Yi Soo that day, but just watched her again from afar. Then one day, he makes a big decision and tells her his story. At first, she did not believe the story, but she could finally trust him when she saw his appearance change after a sleep. Then they begin to have a romantic relationship and their time happily together. However, rumors about her seemingly overactive love life and the impracticality of marriage weigh heavily on Yi Soo. As time goes by, Yi Soo feels confused and eventually suffers from a mental breakdown. After learning about this, Woo-jin feels it will be to difficult for Yi Soo to continue the relationship with him. So, he decides to break up with her just for her and leaves for the Czech Republic. At first, she thought it might be a good thing to have broken up with Woo Jin. But living without him made her yearn for him. Finally, she goes to the Czech Republic to meet Woo Jin. There, Yi Soo says to Woo Jin, "I don't care what you look like. It's okay to look so different every day. Since you are all the same, I love the Kim Woo jin inside." As Woo jin and Yi Soo confirm each other's love, the movie ends.

 Although Yi Soo was confused by the ever-changing look of Woo jin, she loved Woo jin's unalterable heart. And she realized that even though his appearance changed, the person Kim Woo jin did not. Appearance can change due to certain external factors, or over time. But isn't the heart of a person the true beauty that one has and something that never changes? I hope that we will be able to appreciate true beauty like this.

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