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Remember, You Are the Apple of My Eye
Kim Min-Jae  |  kmjipod8@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.10.05  10:23:32
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 Sometimes it’s easy to feel superfluous when working for a company or large organization. At that time, you may feel conflicted about whether you should leave there even if it was a big goal of yours to work there in the first place. Eventually, when a person says to themselves, ‘this organization will operate well without me’, he or she will probably decide to leave.
 People in this situation will be left with a very tough choice and think carefully about it. Also, those that represent the company will fall into deep contemplation after hearing news of this kind. After becoming a managing editor and taking a leadership role, I certainly didn’t want to find myself in a situation like this. This is because I don’t want to lose anyone I’ve hired and want to leave the organization in a better situation then when I arrived when I, eventually, decide to move on myself.
 Despite these potential problems, I still would very much like to find myself as a professional managing editor someday. Recently, I’ve had to handle a situation somewhat similar to those outlined above. When I hire people, there are people that I think that would be a good fit. Despite accepting the position, they informed me that they wouldn’t be able to continue and left. News like this is always quite shocking. Stunned, I was stopped in my tracks and couldn’t even hear others around me. After this feeling passed, I pulled myself together and asked them why. The reason was that they felt they weren’t needed in this organization. They thought the organization would operate well without them. Maybe they thought that they weren’t important in the organization.
 Therefore, I told them how important they are in this organization in detail, “Everyone goes through this process and suffers, and you are doing very good now. So, please think one more time.” After some time, they told me that they decided impatiently without much thought. Then, they told me that they would stay and do their best.
 After reflecting on this further an important thought entered my mind, it’s very important to make people feel important and valuable. Through my reflections, I realized that I may have carelessly neglected or ignored some very valuable people. So, as a result, I want to make sure to tell all our reporters individual that, remember, you are the apple of my eye.

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