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The reason why my account balance is ‘0 won’
Lee Na-Hyun  |  skgusrjsdn@naver.com
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Three-days special sale!”, “Oh, you must buy this!” and “I’m earning money to do this!” make our hearts and wallets wide open. Everyone must have spent unnecessary expenses at one point or another. There are a variety of irrational consumption, including overspending, ostentatiousness, and impulsive consumption in the world. For example, buying another product when you have a similar product or buying something you don’t need at all because its on sale. In this edition of Campus Talk, we will discuss he most regretful spending that students at Gachon University have ever had in their lives.


Kwon Woo Hyuk (Department of Media Communication 18)

There were times when I couldn't stop playing a computer game. Although I invested 300,000 won in cash in the online world to get a stronger character to beat my opponent, I found myself still stuck in reality. My character online became stronger than before, but I found out that I looked miserable in the real world. Since that day, I’ve cut down on investing in games and I think investing a lot of money into the virtual world is the most regrettable purchase of my life.

Kim Ju Hee (Department of Electronic Engineering 18)

I am a freshman who is in the student council of Electronic Engineering. I usually like to treat my friends when we go out for drinks. One day, we had a special event in student council and everyone in our group gathered together. Despite there being many more people in our group, I still followed my habit of picking up the bill It was the first time in my life that I’ve invested a large amount of money in alcohol and it was the most regrettable consumption in my life.


Park Woo Jung (18 Department of Bioscience)

The word "Sales" drives me crazy. Even if the item is not a ‘must-have’ item, shops on sale have become a ‘must-visit’ habit. One day, sneakers were on sale at a shoe store, so I bought three pairs each with different colors. Because it wasn't my favorite brand, buying three pairs of sneakers was an impulse purchase for me. After I found out that I could buy my favorite brand of sneakers with that money, I regretted it again. And after that day, I try not to make the same mistake again.


Lee Ye Won (18 Department of Electronic Engineering)

I usually enjoy online shopping rather than offline shopping, so I was eye-shopping on clothes via the Internet that day. Of all the items I saw, I bought a coat and knitwear which looked nice on me. But when I received them, the knitwear, which I thought was wine-colored, was red unlike what I saw on the screen, and unlike the long coat the model wore, the coat that I received was short, climbing up to my knees. I was even more regretful when I found out that they were un-refundable.


Choi Ji Yoon (18 Department of Food Management)

I like to eye-shop small tiny stores like vintage shops. While watching their items, I bought action figures. However, the impulsive purchase of action figures has become a useless item that I don’t even know where it is now. Despite the burdensome price , the action figures I bought impulsively was the most regretful spending in my life. Since then, whenever I visit vintage shops, I try to control my mind, thinking of the figure which I still can’t find.


 Kim Tae Jin (Department of Urban Planning 17)

It was time to look into buying a new phone when the contract was up. Without a clue about what would happen, I bought a Galaxy Note 7. But the problem occurred when I saw the title of the article 'Explosion of Note 7' on the news. Eventually, I returned my cell phone to Samsung , which was my most regrettable expense.


So far, I have heard various answers from my schoolmates and I realized that buying whatever you want can be a little fun in life. However, I believe that greater happiness will come when we consider our situation and make a reasonable choice. Wouldn't it be great to spend money on a rational basis, buying goods on necessity without being affected by the outside world?

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