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From Reader to LeaderThe 6th Gachon Book Festival with 『Sanha Kim’s Wild School』
Heo Jeong-Won  |  gjwjddnjs98@naver.com
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 There is a saying, ‘Books are food for the soul.’ By reading books, we can broaden our minds and base of knowledge, as well as gain some peace of mind. However, due to their hectic schedules, and because of the dominance of digital media, people today don’t have a chance to read enough books. For these people, since autumn is the best season for reading, Gachon Library held the 6th Gachon Book Festival on September 28.
 The ‘Gachon Book Festival’ has been held every semester since first started in 2016. Before the event, participants were allowed to join on a first-come first-serve basis in Gachon WIND, and they were asked to read a specific book selected for the day of the festival. This year’s festival recruited the first 300 applicants from September 7 to 9 in Gachon WIND. 160 out of 300 people ultimately received a prize. 1 person for the first prize (₩1,000,000), 5 people for the excellence award (₩500,000 for each), 20 people for the bronze prize (₩300,000 for each), 30 people for the effort award (₩200,000 for each), and 50 people for the participation prize(₩100,000 for each) were selected.
 The festival took place in the ‘Nanoom reading room’, which is located on the 2nd floor of Central Library, from 17:00 to 21:30. The book selected for the event was 『Sanha Kim’s Wild School』. As participants received the book and the wrist strap with their entry number after identification, they started to enter the room. Admittance ended at 17:00, and instructions on how to write the report went until 17:20. Lunch boxes were given to the participants from 17:20 to 17:30, and they then began to read the book and write their report in earnest from 17:30. At 20:30, people who finished all their tasks including replying to a survey with questions about Gachon Book Festival were permitted to leave.
 The Gachon Book Festival was conducted as an ACE+ program to train “G-type” talents (which means ‘Global, Giving, and Great’) through experiencing the pleasure of reading and practicing the power of thinking and writing. The participants’ opinions matched well to this aim. So-Yoon Lee (Department of Korean Language and Literature, sophomore) said, “I participated in Gachon Book Festival because I usually don’t have enough time to read books. The fact that I read the whole book was meaningful, whether someone made me do it or I did it on my own”. She added, “It was impressed to see people concentrate on reading the book and writing their report. I would like to join the event again”. Also, Sang-Ik No (The Department of Industrial Engineering, Senior) asserted that, “I have participated in the event before, and I took part in the event again to read a book properly and think about that book in depth. I could concentrate more by reading the book together with many students.” About the selection of 『Sanha Kim’s Wild School』, Soo-Hyun Hong (Department of Landscape Architecture, junior) mentioned, “I thought it would be boring because I was not interested in that field at all. However, while reading the book, I found it interesting and I could also reflect on my life.”
 Books give us lots of help in many ways. Why don’t you read some books and feel the sense of pleasure books can bring and broaden your knowledge, and moreover, to get “G-type” talent and finally to become a leader, whether you have participated in the Gachon Book Festival or not

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