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You did a good job, 2018Continuously developing: Gachon University
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How was your 2018? Some people might have laughed and some might have cried. It must have been a difficult but, hopefully, worthwhile year. So, how was 2018 for Gachon University? From the opening of a new student lounge called “La Gom” to the installation of a new sculpture, it is no exaggeration to say that 2018 was a special year for Gachonians. Let's take a look at what happened at Gachon University in 2018.

 May- Han Ma Eum Festival
 On May 1, Gachon University held a festival to celebrate its 79th anniversary. More water-playing facilities were installed at the festival compared to the last festival, including jumbo slides, dragon slides, circular pools, and square pools. Also, facilities were provided for students to grab water balloons and water guns to spray water on each other. With more than 5,000 students and faculty participating, the event was held to provide a venue for communication among the members of Gachon University and develop a sense of community. The event was also finished with a congratulatory performance by the famous singer, Hong Jin-young.

 June- La Gom Overview
 Last June, Gachon University opened “La Gom,” a cafe-style student lounge. "La Gom" means, “not too many or not too few.” 30 students of Interior Architecture and the company Ikea participated in the furniture designs. It was created as a student-friendly place for students to freely discuss and relax. "The fact that students can gather in the lounge to do group work and communicate freely is expected to be of great help to the students," said the director of the Planning Department. He also stated that there is a plan to expand more student-friendly spaces in 2019.

 August- Win a Gold and Silver Medal in Taekwondo at the Asian Games
 In August, fourth-year student Han Young-hoon and a freshman Park Jae-eun won gold and silver medals respectively at the 2018 Asian Games held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Han Young-hoon beat China for the gold medal in the men's team competition in Taekwondo, while Park Jae-eun won the silver medal by 0.010 points in the women's team competition, very close to gold medal position. Taekwondo was selected as the first official event in the Asian Games, making it even more promising for the two players. It was said that the two students’ high scores were due to the accuracy and harmony of their movements. Their performances have become a hot topic for not only department of Taekwondo students but also for all Gachon University students.

 November- Gachon University's College Scholastic Ability Test Competition
 After the university application process held on Nov. 14, it was revealed that 59,056 applicants applied for 2,804 spots. This record, 21.1 to 1 is the highest competition rate ever. The number of applicants increased by 4,887 compared to the previous year when 54,169 applied for 2,700 openings. Among them, the Performance Art department's outstanding performance of 98.6 to 1 was a hot topic for students at Gachon.

 December- Installation of Infinite (∞) Formwork (Sculpture) 
 To wish for the best and infinite (∞) development of Gachon University and to support the dreams and hopes of students who have potential capacities to be future key talents, a sculpture symbolizing the Infinite (∞) was installed on the grass square in front of Gachon Hall, the center of the university. The sculpture was made by Kim Yoo-seon, a chair professor at Gachon University. It took two years from planning to complete the installation. For the installment of the sculpture with the height of seven-story apartment, the steel plate was bended and moved to the campus. The sculpture has the shape of ‘Infinite (∞)’ and ‘And (&)’ when viewed from the front and is decorated with artistic formality and originality with curved shapes. Depending on the viewing angle, the back and the side shows different curves. On the front of the sculpture, a chair symbolizing the center of the universe is placed, symbolizing the Infinite (∞) dream of the students

 As such, many programs were held at Gachon University in 2018. I hope 2018 was a fruitful year for both Gachon University students and staff, and I hope that this year will bring great development and hope.

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