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Hidden cameras, not hidden anymoreGachon University cooperates with Seongnam city to root out hidden cameras
Chaerin Kim  |  kcr227@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.03.23  15:59:56
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With the number of victims continuously rising, it is no exaggeration to call recent social developments a “war” against hidden cameras. According to the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office statistics, the percentage of crimes committed by hidden cameras out of whole sexual crimes in 2007 was 3.9% and reached 24.9% in 2015. Last summer, it hit the school headlines when this crime occurred on campus. Police launched an investigation after a man was reported to have illegally filmed a woman in a toilet at Gachon University, Global Campus. Subsequently, there was a report on the ‘Gachon University Facebook page’ that a hidden camera was found in a woman’s toilet. Amid pleas from students, Gachon University and Seongnam city signed an agreement last December to root out all the hidden cameras and build a safer campus.

The agreement was concluded on December 12th to create a better educational environment for university students in Seongnam city as sexual crimes, such as illegal filming using hidden cameras and their distribution, are rapidly increasing. Gachon University, Seongnam city, three local police stations and three other universities (Eul-Ji University, Shin-Gu University, and Dong-Seoul University) joined the agreement at City Hall at 9:00 am. The ceremony was attended by the vice principal of Gachon University, as well as mayor Eun, Soo-Mi, chief police officers and the principals of Eul-Ji University, Shin-Gu University and Dong-Seoul University.

The following are the terms of the agreement: firstly, the agreement provides equipment necessary for detecting hidden cameras in toilets in 688 universities toilets and 498 public toilets in Seongnam city. Specifically, 80 pieces of equipment including 38 radio detectors, 38 lens detectors, 4 video receivers are to be divided and placed at each university. Secondly, each university is responsible to inspect toilets and restrooms regularly with the provided equipment. They are also responsible to report to the local police stations if any hidden cameras are found. Thirdly, the police stations have responsibility to inspect toilets in their local universities regularly to detect whether any hidden camera is set in the toilets. Lastly, police should focus on arresting the criminals and preventing spread of illegal films when they have caught a hidden camera or received a report of the crime. Then, the site should be designated and managed as a special controlled area. Seongnam city, three local police stations, Gachon University and the three other universities will keep up the agreement to reduce the crimes.

Through this agreement, the system to get rid of hidden cameras has been established. In the event that any hidden cameras are detected, the case can be dealt more efficiently in the local police stations. Gachon University is taking a large effort cooperating with Seongnam city and local police stations to create a safer campus, and, moreover, a safer community. The campus where every single student is safe is our tomorrow.


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