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Eureka! Light up the bulb in my head
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 As the era changes rapidly to the fourth industrial revolution, which will have a huge impact on automation systems, many jobs have disappeared, and new jobs have emerged. Then, what is the promising industry sector in the far future? It is an 'idea' industry that cannot be replaced by robots or AI (Artificial Intelligence). Thus, on this campus talk, we had a chance to awaken students' potential for imagination and creativity. The reporter showed Gachon University students a picture of an abstract situation and they presented a variety of unique opinions.

 Jeong Tae Hyun (Department of Mechanical Engineering ‘14)
 The woman's facial expression is not pleasant, so she may be diagnosed with unwanted pregnancy. She seems to be in a pretty deep agony.

 Lee Woong Tae (Department of Mechanical Engineering ‘14)
 The woman on the left looks like a patient. I think this is a situation where a doctor is diagnosing the patient and giving advice to her. For example, the doctor advises her not to eat certain foods, or to be careful on something, but the patient looks serious because she doesn’t have enough confidence to keep the advice.

 Park Soo Jong (Department of Nanophysics ‘17)
 A woman in a cardigan looks like she sad that she had a headache. The doctor on the right is a pharmaceutical company employee, and he seems to be looking over the progress after giving the drug to the woman next to him.

 Kang Gun Woo (Department of Visual Design ‘18)
 I think it’s a situation in which a person on the left was sitting in a cafe, and suddenly a person in the white sat next to her, saying she would give her a psychological counseling. The person on the right said she has the face for a good future, and the person on the left seems to be offended, thinking ‘Oh, he must be from another cult.’

 Won Jong Chan (Department of Taekwondo ‘17)
 I think the woman who's worrying is a witness of a murder case, and the incident was so brutal that she suffering from aftereffects is having a consultation with a psychiatrist. I can see a psychiatrist who is asking various questions to the woman to track down the criminal who has not been caught yet.

 Oh Da Hae (Department of Global Business and Management ‘18)
 The woman on the left is a university student, and I think she is disappointed with her low grades. The professor on the right is checking her test papers, giving her another ‘F.’

 Lee Young Geun (Department of English Literature and Language ‘18)
 I think an employee is testing how the newly developed mineral water tastes. She seems to be asking the experimenter what the taste is like and writing down the answer.

 Jeong Hee Jin (Department of Business Administration ‘18)
 I think a painter is drawing a portrait of a girl in front of her. A woman wearing the white clothes is a painter, and a woman in front is posing by staring at the glass of water.

 Lee Sung Jae (Department of English Literature and Language ‘18)
 It seems that an adult student in the ‘Red Pen’ education class is being scolded for not having done his homework. My memory of having been taught at “Red Pen” led me to think so.

 Kim So Yeon (Department of Landscape Architecture ‘18)
 There was a murder next door to the woman on the left, and she saw it through the veranda. So she came to the police station to make a witness statement, and I think that she is worried about if she would be the next target.

 The students were nervous and embarrassed when they first saw the photo but they gave creative answers, such as situations of criminal investigation, painting a portrait, and checking test scores. In this way, people have their own creative potential. Creativity is not a great talent. Do you usually feel that you are lacking in creativity? Then, let's think creatively whenever we have time in our daily lives. A moment of “Eureka!” will come to you, too.

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