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LEE Han-na  |  heid33514@gmail.com
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  Do you know TED? TED stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design,’ and it is the name of an international non-profit foundation whose motto is ‘Idea worth spreading.’ TED holds regular speeches on Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and the speakers are mainly famous figures in their fields or the people who are worthy of close attention.

  We always know that time is important, but we usually waste it. This time, I will talk about one of the TED speeches---‘Try something new for 30 days.’ Matt Cutts who is an engineer at Google suggested trying something new every day for a month. It’s simple. Think about new things, which you want to try for 30 days and just do them. He said 30 days is enough time to form a new habit. Small changes over a short time can be maintained more easily. Also, it will teach you the true value of time.
  Through this, you can spend meaningful time----not just elapse your time but also gain self-confidence by challenging something new in your life. Will you regret spending meaningless time as usual, or will you try something new? The choice is up to you. 

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