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Are Your Grades Too Low? Don’t worry!‘Cheer up program’ to raise grades and receive learning support fund.
Park Sung-Wan  |  yj4442@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.07.12  18:21:48
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 The first semester’s GP was announced on the 1st of July. Let me introduce the ‘cheer up program’ for students whose grades are below an average of 2.5. I'm going to explain why your GP should be above 2.5 before introducing the program. If you fail to receive grades of 2.5 or higher, you will not be able to receive national scholarships nor will you receive any other scholarships in school. Simply put, the number 2.5 means that you will not get any support, so you must pass the 2.5 mark. Now let's get to know the program in detail.

 Applicants are students whose previous semester’s GP is below 2.5. If you are worried about whether you can apply or not because you are placed under academic probation, please don't worry. Instead, those that are placed under academic probation are preferred. Students who have exceeded the semester limit cannot apply for the program. You can apply in the non-curriculum activities integration system, WIND, during the application period.
 This program requires students to take one ‘major related course’ among the previous semester’s courses. Since it is a repeated course, only a course with grades below C+ is available. Students should conduct an online pre-test and post-test with program participation tests during the semester, and submit a learning reflection report twice. If you do not submit these two things, you cannot receive the learning support fund. So, you should be careful. At the end of the program, students are given learning support funds when they achieve a standard grade of B+ or higher in the course. Depending on the grade earned, students are given 300,000 won for A+, 200,000 won for A and 100,000 won for B+. The school provides customized learning clinics (learning strategy analysis, personalized learning consulting) so that students can achieve standard grades.
 You should be cautious that you attend the orientation before the program begins. And if the number of applicants is more than a certain selected number, the school will pay out the learning support funds by adjusting the selection number through a screening process. That's why you have to study hard to get A+. Moreover, added points are given according to the degree of participation in learning support program performance sharing lecture, lectures on learning method, and learning tips, etc. When the assessment is carried out, you need to actively participate in the program because of the added points from your participation is reflected in the assessment.

 There is a saying that you have to shrink in order to jump far. Through the program, I hope students with low grades will receive learning support funds along with a brilliant increase in their grades in the upcoming semester. Once you improve your grades, I think you can handle it well, even when you have a problem in your future studies. The program also runs every semester, so you can apply at any time when you have not exceeded a 2.5 grade point average.

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