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What is the Most Shocking Dream You’ve Ever Had?
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 Naturally, we have a variety of dreams. And we forget most of them as time goes by. Nevertheless, are there any dreams that you can’t forget? I have one memorable dream I can’t forget. It was a dream of black faces encircling me. I thought that this dream might someday happen to me. Many people might have had an unforgettable dream. So, what is the most shocking dream of Gachon University students?

 Lee Yujin (Department of Computer Engineering 19)
 I was sitting alone in a dark area. Suddenly, a singer started to sing beautifully in front of me.
The lyrics she uttered sounded like they were describing me. In the meantime, I caught the singer’s eyes and I stood up from my seat. The spotlight flashed a light to me as if the princess in her lyrics was me. But, the people around me forced me to sit down and I stood up again but was forced to sit down again. Thus the spotlight went off slowly. I still remember this dream.

 Kim Beomsu (Department of Architecture 19)
 One night, I was lying on a bed to sleep. Unexpectedly, a small snake with golden scales came into my bedroom. It coiled itself under my bed. Then the snake pulled its face out to climb onto my bed. My eyes met with it and we stared at each other for a few seconds. Just when I was about to start sweating, suddenly the snake rushed at my face. I woke up surprised.

 Noh Yejin (Department of Global Business Management 18)
 I was tired of my daily routine and I lay down in bed. When I moved my body to the side, I felt someone pushing me back. I tried to move my body a few more times, but eventually, I found myself lying on my back looking upward. Abruptly, I felt something pulling my legs from under the bed. My body was getting so heavy and my breath became irregular. I could see something passing under the bed through the mirror on the opposite side and I did my best to see what it was. I looked under the bed, and there was a black object. When the black object suddenly jumped into me, I could wake up from the dream.

 Kim Jiseong (Department of Business Administration 19)
 When I was sleeping in the living room. I heard a thumping sound from outside. When I got up and looked out, a giant was wandering around. I approached the door to close the window. At the moment I closed the door, my eyes met with the giant’s eyes. I tried to hide in the room but I failed because the giant broke down the walls with his fist at a time. The giant dragged me by one of my legs and threw me to the floor. At the time I hit the floor, I woke up from the dream.

 Kim Minseo (Department of Computer Engineering 19)
 I was watching my mother hesitating near a dreamy pool in the apartment from afar. When she suddenly approached the pool, I swung my arms to stop her. But she did not notice me, and my voice did not come out. In front of my eyes, my mother fell into the pool. At that moment, I saw the water in the pool turning into dirt. I could not think of anything when I saw the dirt. Then, I awoke from my dream.

 Choe Seongwon (Electrical Engineering 19)
 I received my school report and went home despite being so depressed. I tried to study since it was a test period. But I fell asleep on my desk. In my dream, a person who looked just like me talked to me. He said, "today is your exam day". When I heard that, I got up from the dream.

 Kim Seungmi (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering 19)
 There was a war in my dream. Everyone I knew came to my house seeking shelter. While adults gathered to find measures and solutions, my friends and I were talking with each other. Suddenly, soldiers broke into my house and began to shoot people. Unfortunately, the survivors there were only my elder sister and me. There was a safespot in my house that nobody could find but the space was only big enough for one person to enter. At that time, my sister and I both tried to get in there, but my sister entered in the end. I could not get in and heard the soldiers' footsteps coming toward me, and then I woke up. "

 I listened to the stories of dreams that Gachon University students had. I can see that there are really various dreams. Now, I want to ask you this. What is the most shocking dream you’ve ever had?

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