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A Whole New World at Gachon UniversityEstablishment of the Artechne Center to support Gachon University students’ extracurricular activities.
Jang Na-Yeon  |  wkdsdkus812@naver.com
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Updated : 2019.09.21  21:25:18
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 Do you think that you’re having a fruitful college life? Many students dream of an enjoyable college life, but in reality, their campus life is quite different from what they expected. There are many reasons for this. For example, maybe they wanted to achieve something, but it was a little too much to do alone or they hesitated and missed the chance. If you’ve ever felt this way, I want to strongly recommend ‘Artechne’ to you! The ‘Artechne Center’ was established in the Vision Tower this year, 2019, in order to support diverse extracurricular activities for the students. Many career-oriented events and activities like the ‘Gachon Startup Contest’ and the ‘SW Competitive Exhibition’ have been provided so far, but these aren’t the only kind of things happening there. Therefore, I think that students might find the activities at the Artechne Center fresh. Let’s find out what kind of projects are being offered at the center.

 1. Just Do It!
 The most recent activity held at the Artechne Center was for students to set up teams and plan a specific project under the theme of ‘Distinct Sense of Purpose of Gachon People’. They were told to do the activities according to their own plan. To help students complete their projects successfully, the Artechne Center devised a scaled system of support by screening the project plans and offered funding ranging from 500,000 won to 2,000,000 won for each team. Ultimately, many Gachon students handed in their topics for the eight week project in this contest. For example, Acting Arts majors produced a musical called ‘All Shook Up!’, Physical Education majors studied for a certificate under the topic of ‘GPS (Gachon Physical Education Study)’ and Mechanical Engineering majors participated for the purpose of developing a ‘Smart Pillow’.

 2. N-Tree camp_ a Multidisciplinary Contest
 This contest is related to the ‘N-Tree camp’ that was covered in the 142th article of the Gachon Herald. The newly formed camp is a program that was initially only held for freshmen and about 30 departments, so far, have participated in it. In this contest based on the camp, many participants competed with the applications they had developed there. Additionally, they were required to form a team with someone who had taken part in N-Tree camp. They did everything by themselves including designing, programming and making the applications while they stayed for two days and one night. Recently, as the number of people interested in programming has increased, about 8 teams (44 people) applied for this competition and the school was willing to support students by offering three million won for first prize.



 I investigated two representative competitions held at the ‘Artechne Center’ projects recently. How was it? Weren’t they really original and creative activities? Do a search by the keyword “Artechne Center” on the Gachon University homepage or Facebook if you don’t have any memorable experiences while reflecting on your college life. I guarantee that it will give you more special and happier memories than before. As I mentioned previously, this center was established to ensure Gachon students’ free extracurricular activities. ‘Artechne Center’ is going to make a lot of interesting projects for a glorious college life, so do not miss it!

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