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It’s Bitter to be Cold And SickUnique Diseases That You Can Catch in Winter
Oh Da-Hae  |  712dahae@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.01.21  16:22:07
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 Cold winter comes suddenly. It is quite challenging to adjust to a temperature that goes from a high 37 degrees to a low -20 degrees. Many people catch colds easily due to sudden temperature fluctuations, and can be frostbitten by low temperatures. Of course, most people know about this fact. Then, have you ever heard that in winter, you may catch diseases like stroke and facial nerve palsy? You'll think you have nothing to do with those strange diseases. But these diseases are related to our health and daily lives. Let's find out what these diseases are and what symptoms they have.

 1. Stroke
 Stroke is one of Koreans’ three leading causes of death. The risk of stroke is said to increase by 30 percent in winter. It’s because the coldness causes sudden changes in body temperature and blood vessels clog or burst sometimes. Severe cases can lead to death. Only 50% of the pre-existing symptoms are recognized. Treatment should take place at the Golden Time, within 4 hours and 30 minutes. So what are the pre-existing symptoms? Suddenly, your face, arms and legs become powerless or numb, and your tongue doesn't feel strong or you have severe headaches and vomit. If you miss the golden time or fail to receive treatment, you may experience various aftereffects such as paralysis of your body or speech problems.

 2. Facial nerve palsy
 Facial nerve palsy is a disease in which muscles around mouth and eyes are paralyzed, causing the face to twist to one side. It is one of the most vulnerable conditions to develop at the change of seasons, especially when the daily temperature gap grows. As for the symptoms, muscle functions such as raising the oral angle are degraded and hearing becomes sensitive, while taste buds fall and drool a lot. In particular, eye tremors are often mistaken for magnesium deficiency, which can lead to a disease of neglect. Even though it usually recovers on its own, it is recommended to receive early treatment so that aftereffects will not remain. The aftereffects include abnormal tears caused by palate stimuli when eating, unintended muscles moving together when moving certain facial muscles, and facial cramps.

 3. Christmas syndrome
 Christmas syndrome is the syndrome that you feel depressed and lonely about your various situations or circumstances that make you look shabby or inferior to others ahead of the colorful year-end holidays. According to a survey of 3,425 unmarried men and women aged 20 or older in 2014, 55.4 percent of the respondents said they experience "negative mood changes at Christmas." According to experts, as a way to overcome Christmas syndrome, outdoor activities such as walking around and enjoying the sun are more helpful than staying home. Studies have also shown that familiar and memorable dishes can help soothe lonely hearts. While eating these foods, you can think twice about the people you are close to and regain your feelings.

 You may catch a variety of diseases that are not just common diseases like colds in winter. You may have to live with the aftereffects for the rest of your life and even die if it is severe. So, what are the precautions? In the cold winter, do not crouch in the warm places inside, but take regular exercise and plenty of rest and avoid excessive drinking and smoking. It is quite basic and easy to practice in everyday life. Let's prevent major diseases through good living habits.

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