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I am the reading King!Introducing books that may help your reading habit.
JEON Ah young  |  jeonay903@gmail.com
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  Do you see the people on subways? Almost everyone uses smartphones these days and they surf the internet or watch movies and TV shows anywhere and anytime---the subway is not the exception, and I too am one of those people. According to current newspaper articles, college students read only about 15 minutes a day while people use the internet 2 hours per day on average. When I read the article, it suddenly occurred to me that "time is gold,” and I have changed! Now I try to read at least one book a month, but the goal is not easily accomplished, as I did not have a reading habit. I didn’t know how to start and every time I tried to read it was very boring. As such, reading was difficult for me, but eventually the three master books of reading have helped me overcome my problems. Let me introduce them especially for you!
  Book #1: Hong Daeri (Assistant Manager Mr. Hong),
The man who became a reading genius.
This book is a current best seller. The author said, "books can help people succeed in life,” and this book indeed helps those who do not know how to begin reading. It contains tips about finding an easy way to begin reading and recommends helpful books. After reading this book, I thought "books can change my life" and now I have confidence about reading. According to Hong Daeri’s advice, "One should read 30 books in 100 days," and this has become one of my goals and I will try to achieve it. Let's do it together Gachonians! It can help us all!
  Book #2: Before sleep, read for 30 minutes.
This book suggests an effective solution for reading problems for adults and students. The author says, "30 minutes before sleep is a very important time because it affects the next day,” and reading during this time can have a positive impact on our next day. This book also contains 24 recommendation book lists and suggests how to overcome the boring parts of a book.


Book #3: Reading habits of successful people.
The author presents 21 rules to successful reading. To name a few, effective reading, fast reading, and practice reading, and so on. The book introduces various book lists and the reading habits of 11 famous people including Ahn Cheol-Soo and Takahashi Tachibana. If you need help, you might want to choose this book. We can “master” our reading habits. 
  There are more books that offer advice on growing our reading habits, but at the same time, we have to remember that we need to read these “books” to overcome our reading problems. After finishing this article, why don’t you try and read one of these books? These books are there to help us overcome our reading problems, and it is us who can build our own reading habits. On the subway or bus, or taking a break or drinking coffee: read a book. Make it your habit right now.

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