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First, Safe! Second, Safe! Third, SafeBora-Mae Safety Experience Center, Experience Disaster!
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Updated : 2020.01.21  16:30:53
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 Typhoon Ling-Ling hit South Korea in September this year. Strong winds with maximum wind speeds of 52.5 meters per second caused damage to various facilities and power outage. The signboards of the shopping mall were damaged, and trees were pulled out. Nevertheless, a lot of people gathered in downtown areas such as Hongdae and Gangnam. The lack of a sense of safety is found in common in large-scale accidents involving assets and human damage such as the collapse of the Hwaseong Cirand, Sampoong Department Store, Daegu Subway Fire, and Seongsu Bridge. Accidents don't happen to merely others; they can happen to you at any time. It is not possible to predict when and where a disaster would occur. But most people don't even know how to evacuate. I would like to introduce the Bora-Mae Safety Experience Center, where you can learn about the dangers of various accidents, how to deal with them, and how to evacuate.

   Location: Bora-Mae Safety Experience Center (33, Yeoui-daebang-ro 20-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul)
   Price: free

 1. Earthquake Experience
 Earthquake experiences consist of three stages: how to cope with an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 inside, how to cope with an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0 outside, and how to escape from the hallway of an apartment building that is collapsing due to an earthquake. First, the experience of coping with the 7.0 earthquake is conducted in a mock kitchen. If you shout “It's an earthquake!”, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 occurs. An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 may result in railways bending, the ground severely cracking, and holes in the ground opening. All participants should get under a table and grab their head with one hand and the pillar of the table with the other. The reason for holding a table pillar is that if an earthquake of this magnitude occurs, the table would not be fixed and can be pushed back and forth. Secondly, for the earthquake magnitude of 5.0 occurring outdoors, the safety procedure experience is conducted on a vacant outdoor set. This is for coping with a weak earthquake occurring after a strong one (aftershock). At this time, you assume a posture as if you were ready for running in order to run immediately to avoid objects falling down from the sky due to the earthquake. When you strike this pose, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0 will occur. Just lower your posture and walk out of the swinging set, and you will be fine. The third is the experience of escaping the hallway of an apartment building that is being destroyed by the earthquake.
The set recreated the building without electricity after the earthquake. You should fix one hand on the wall and protect your head with the other hand. The reason one hand is fixed on the wall is to avoid getting lost in the dark due to power failure. You have to escape the set, walking in that posture.

 2. Typhoon Experience
 The typhoon experience takes place at a high wind speed of 30m/s and a typhoon of 400mm rainfall per hour. Since the wind is very strong, valuables such as mobile phones and wallets are kept outside the set room. In addition, you may not choose the rainfall experience of 400mm per hour because the clothes can get wet due to very heavy rain. If you choose this experience, the raincoats will be provided. The typhoon experience begins by standing in a row on the set and holding the middle handle. When there is a very strong rain and wind, walk holding the handle and leave the set. When the experience is over, you have your hair wet and disheveled.

 3. Subway Escape Experience
 It is conducted in the set that looks like the real subway station. You have to manually open subway doors and escape from subway stations when there is a fire inside the station. In case of fire, you can tell the subway driver about the fire with a communication device inside the subway and press button to open the subway door manually; then open the door and leave the subway safely. When you get out of the subway, you lower your posture, cover your breathing apparatus, and escape. It is important to lower posture because fire smoke fills from the top to bottom.

 Bora-Mae Safety Experience Center is designed for adults. You may think that the safety experience is childish, but the intensity of the disaster experience will be greater than you think. Even though I realized that it was a virtual disaster experience, I was flustered when I was in the situation.
Environmental changes such as climate change and buildings of large size may cause numerous casualties and property damages in the event of disasters. Through this experience, I hope Gachon students should be aware of the importance of safety and improve their ability to deal with disasters and the sense of safety.

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