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  How many times did you lie today? People tell a lie as long as they live, though lying can vary in different types. There are white lies, black lies, tendency lies, self-defense lies, etc. But, no matter what the purpose is, lying will always make things more difficult. Today’s play presents a story of a man who lies his way through everything, but in the end it backfires on him. His life eventually got ruined. What happened to him?
  I-Su is a flight attendant and her fiancé Seong-Gi is a businessman. One day, Soon-Sung visits the city to meet his friend Seong-Gi. Seong-Gi introduces his friend to his fiancée and vice versa, and Soon-Sung says to his friend, “You have to marry I-Su. She is a very nice woman.” Then there comes a sudden twist. Seong-Gi boldly declares that he is also engaged to two other flight attendants, and Soon-Sung becomes speechless.
  Soon-Sung asks his friend how he manages to see three women and not get caught. Seong-Gi’s answer is simple as he says, “They have all different flight schedules, so it’s easy.” However, one of his fiancées already begins to suspect him, and the ending is near even though he tries to elude the situation. His third fiancée Hye-sue arrives ahead of schedule and tries to surprise Seong-Gi. She kisses and embraces a man whom she believes as Seong-Gi, only to find out that it is his friend Soon-Sung. Embarrassed and ashamed, she runs into the other room. Then, Seong-Gi and Ji-Su, who is his second fiancée, comes back home, as their flight has been canceled due to the storm.
  An almost pathetically sincere effort by Ok-Hee the housekeeper and Soon-Sung starts here. They make every effort so that the two women do not cross each other’s path. But to make things worse, I-Su called Seong-Gi to say she will also come back to Seoul as her flight is canceled due to deteriorating weather conditions. At this point, the performance of Soon-Sung, Ok-Hee and Seong-Gi brings big laughter to the audience. If you were Seong-Gi, what would you do?
  ‘New Boeing-Boeing’ is adapted from an original play by Marco Cableti, a Swiss author, who was a leading exponent of modern comedy. The play has the record for the highest number of viewers in Korea and was awarded the Golden Ticket Award and Best Play in 2010. It has been on the stage for eight years, but people still watch it.
‘New Boeing-Boeing’ is currently in theaters in Daehakro, Kangnam, Changwon and Daegu. The price is 25,000 won, but you can get various discounts if you search through the web.

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