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Gachon University in the Fourth Industrial RevolutionG-software challenge (feat. ArTechne Center)
Chaerin Kim  |  kcr227@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.03.16  21:17:41
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The fourth industrial revolution refers to the next industrial revolution, in which advanced information and communication technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual reality, big data, and mobile devices play a leading role in the economy and society as a whole. To adapt to the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, various educational institutions are supporting the development of software capacity, while the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication plans to nurture 10,000 creative talents to provide the needed human capital for the fourth industrial revolution. Gachon University is also preparing for the changes that will be brought by this industrial change. They are establishing the first artificial intelligence department in 2020 to nurture students that will lead the fourth industrial revolution era and conducting software education and projects for IT capabilities and creativity. In this article, let’s learn about the software contest ‘G-software Challenge’ hosted by the ArTechne Center, which was established in 2019 to support students’ diverse activities and projects.
 The G-software Challenge is the 15th contest held by the ArTechne Center, and the theme of the contest is software coding that can be used as an open-source. There are no restrictions as to the programming languages used such as Java, C, Python, C++, PHP, R, and MATLAB. Subjects can be selected freely or follow designated themes, such as AI, IoT, BigData, Cloud, Blockchain, Mobile, Security, Robotics, and WordCloud. There are no restrictions on receiving applicants, and the participants are students at Gachon University in the second semester of 2019. However, previously withdrawn students, graduates, and students on leave are not qualified to participate. The method of participation is simple.
First, download the application form from the WIND System and submit the application and upload the demonstration video (within three minutes) on a personal YouTube channel. Then, create a YouTube URL, developed source code, and a development summary. After that, post these on the WIND System activity bulletin board. At this time, the development summary should specify the project name, project development background, and purpose, system configuration diagram, menu configuration chart, development language, and open source usage. The G-software Challenge lasted about a month and a half, with a total of 41 days from Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, to Monday, Jan. 13, 2020. Nine days after the deadline, the winner's announcement and awards were held on Wednesday, January 22, 2020. The winner was announced on the Facebook page of the ArTechne Center and individual notification at the same time. The award details are as follows: the winners include one first award winner, five best award winners, and thirteen excellence award winners. They receive 500,000 won, 300,000 won and 100,000 won each along with the awards. Some other caveats include that it should be an original creation that has not been awarded in other contests at home and abroad, plagiarism and theft are excluded from the screening, and that all legal responsibilities of the participating works related to copyright and portrait rights belong to the applicant. More details of the contest can be found at any time through the Facebook page of the ArTechne Center or at ArTechne Center, located in Vision Tower 420-1.
 In addition, Gachon University is offering support to foster talent that will lead the era of the fourth industrial revolution by establishing the artificial intelligence department and implementing entry camps and the P-term system. Why don’t you pay close attention to this and take a step closer to the changes that the fourth industrial revolution era will bring in 2020?

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