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Getting Closer to Nae-Il (my job)Nae-Il (my job) supporters who enjoy marketing-based experiences and career exploration
Lee Da-Ye  |  dear_dae@naver.com
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If you want to build qualifications for your future career, you often need to develop them step-by-step. To gain experience, many activities outside of university require significant planning and effort. In addition, since most external activities use blogs for public relations activities, it is often essential to create a personal blog. However, there is an on-campus program that will help solve these difficulties. Let me introduce 'Gachon Employment Nae-Il (my job) Supporters', a program that can help you build much needed job skills from the bottom up.




Gachon Nae-Il (my job) Supporters is literally a job activity that helps you find a job. There is no age, gender, department, or credit requirement. Anyone who wants to use the school activities in their own applications, those who want to build planning and marketing experiences, and students who are not creative but diligent can apply. Nae-Il supporters, who are selected at the beginning of each year, have been active since 2017. It is a program that runs for nine months from the beginning of the semester. The activities are geared to both public relations and career exploration. This means you can work as a supporter, gain planning, marketing, and public relations experiences, and increase your employment skills.

There are three main categories of activity: promotion activity, capacity building and mentor-mentee activities.

The first is promotion activity. Every month, students write newsletters and produce job program card news for the purpose of guiding college job center programs and writing a post-employment program. The monthly card  news is uploaded to the university's job center website. They also meet once a month to share uploaded posts. The card news can be a video or just text in the form of an article, and you can upload it in any format you want, so you don't have to be burdened. In addition, social networking service providers will write support activities, which will be opened and run through blogs.

The second area they program helps to develop is capacity building. Participants explore ‘G-Class 300 Enterprises’. This is an activity to explore 300 Gachon-friendly companies recognized for their solid technical skills selected on campus. In addition, through job exploration, you can find a different job, a career-search workshop, and an activity handbook.

The last is mentor-mentee activities. At the Mentor Job Fair, which invites 60 mentors by different jobs and companies, participants can receive one-on-one job consulting with their graduate mentors and publish a booklet through interviews with them.

 The application method is by the comparison and integrated management system WIND during the application period in early March every year. After applying, about 100 participants will be selected through a brief interview. Participants can receive special lectures and commendations for outstanding activities only for supporters and eventually produce booklets and handbooks with their names on them.


 Even if what I am interested in is not necessarily related to marketing, Nae-Il supporters will provide free special lectures for the enhancement of their job competency, provide job consulting first, and support supporters with follow-up services that will recommend and match companies first. I hope this support activity will serve as a springboard for other external activities and I hope you will find “your” work.

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