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Understand Your Pet Before You Punish ThemA must-read book for understanding pets, 'My Puppy’s Heart Clinic' and 'Advanced Study on Cats'
Choi Yun-Je  |  mickeyjudy@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.03.17  13:56:40
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Recently, as more people live alone, more people are raising pets to overcome their loneliness. However, people are having a lot of problems because they don't really know about their pets. In fact, there are many cases where people get bitten while touching their own dogs, and sometimes they become estranged from their own cats. I recommend this book to pet owners who are in this situation or want to understand their pets better.

1. 'My Puppy’s Heart Counseling Center'-Kang Hyung Wook

I recommend this book if you have a puppy or if you don't understand the behavior of your dog.  My Puppy’s Heart Counseling Center is written by Kang Hyung-Wook, a pet behavior specialist who studies and trains dogs. This book gives the author’s answers to 120 questions from people who are raising dogs. Now let’s take a look at some of the answers that trainer Kang Hyung-Wook gives:

1.    A puppy staring at its protector while defecating, how should I react?

A dog that is looking at a protector when defecating may be trying to relax its mind by looking at the protector's face, or saying to the protector, "Don't come near here. No, no, don’t come." If I were you, I would be looking somewhere else when my dog is defecating.

2.    If I touch my dog’s belly and he shakes his legs, does he want more?

It's because it tickles. A dog that shows its belly doesn't mean that it wants to be touched unconditionally. Just try to avoid it or sit still next to it. Then maybe the dog gets up and leans gently next to the protector.

Therefore, the problem arises not because the dog's behavior is wrong, but because we lack an understanding dogs. Don't give up because you don't understand your dog's behavior. Just think about what you can really do for your dog. We are the dog's protector, not the owner.

2. 'Advanced Study on Cats'-No Jin Hee

Recently, more people are raising cats because they are easier to raise than dogs and cats feel less lonely than dogs. But this is a misunderstanding. In fact, cats lose more hair and feel loneliness a lot more than dogs. If you are mistaken about cats or want to know more about it, I recommend this book. This book is divided into seven chapters: Cat's Understanding, Environment, Relationship, Behavior, Psychology, Health and Old Cats. Now I will briefly introduce three of the seven chapters.

 First, when trying to understand their cats, many people think that they are independent animals because they hunt alone in the wild. In truth, cats are very social animals. Cats usually stay with three or four close friends and lick each other. In addition, when they go somewhere far from their normal environment, they rub their bodies to share the smell and information of the place with other cats.

Second, the book explains how to make a happy environment for cats. Cats are territorial animals, so they can tolerate a change in protector, but not a change in their environment. Therefore, cats can be stressed by moving and it is better to leave them at home than to take them on a 2-3 day trip.

Third, the book discusses correcting small problematic cat behaviors. Cats chewing or eating something they shouldn’t eat, such as dirt or clothes, is called "Pica". This is due to mental problems such as boredom and separation anxiety. In order to correct Pica, play therapy or environmental improvement can help to comfort them and address the desire to chew. In addition, the book offers advice on improving cat relationships, psychology, health, and finally, it has a section devoted to caring for old cats. If you are a cat-loving butler, make sure to read this book.

Raising a pet is raising a life. You have to persevere and work hard to raise a life. Despite this, we sometimes start by scolding our pets before we try to understand them. Before you punish your pet, first think about whether you understand them. If you study and understand your pets through these books, your pets will begin to understand you.

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