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Valuable Places on our campusLet’s go to the Digital Information Library and get help in numerous ways!
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 Have you ever turned your back on English Academies because of the cost?

- Have you ever hesitated to watch movies because of the high-ticket price?

If you have screamed YES on both points, please take a close look at this photo essay. There is a place in Gachon University where you can improve your English skills as well as watch movies for free!

“Welcome to the Digital Information Library”
Enter by scanning your student ID card.

“Let’s Study English!”
Internet Island
Students can search for foreign language related study materials and information using the computers in the Internet Island. Most students work on their Academic English online homework. Please be aware that the computers here in the Internet Island do not allow access to Korean websites.

World on Air
At the World on Air zone, students can watch various news programs from almost all the countries in the world. They show international news channels like CNN, BBC, and other news programs from English speaking countries, as well as Japanese and Chinese ones. The programs will be shown constantly from 9am to 7pm, so let’s watch them during our free time.

World Information
1. World Information: The walls of this zone contain information about the education, culture, and history of 70 countries.
2. English Conversation with native-speaking professor: Students can have a free conversation with English-speaking professors and other fellow students on various subject matters.
3. Writing Help: Professors check students’ English writing.

Mentoring Program
Students who are good at English help other students with their English skills.

Study Groups
A group of 3 or 4 students help each other with their English skills.


“Let’s Enjoy Movies!”
Digital Information Zone
Have you ever had to give up your social life because of the high price of movie tickets? Now at the Digital Information Zone, you can enjoy over 200 movies and drama shows for free! This area is popular among the students, so let's reserve the seats beforehand.


“Let’s Study!”
Study Zone

Students can study at the Study Zone. If you have ever hesitated studying due to the location of the Central Library, try this area at the Vision Tower!

The Digital Information Library is a convenient place for students. In the Global Zone, students can not only study English themselves, but also practice speaking English with various students and professors. In the Digital Information Zone, students can convert their free time into cultural activity time by watching movies for free. In the Study Zone, students can focus on their studies quietly. Now you know how beneficial the Digital Information Library is in every way. Let’s make our way to the Digital Information Library now.

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