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To a Wider World, Australian Short-Term Language Training
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1.    The first step to achieve a dream
When I was in high school, what I wanted to do most was to go abroad to study. Therefore, as soon as I became a sophomore, I applied for a summer short-term language course at Gachon University. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to achieve my dream of studying English for a month in Australia, which was the country I wanted.
2.    New Country, Australia
Last July, I left for Brisbane, the largest city in Australia, for language training as soon as the summer vacation began. I was excited about going to language training, which was my dream, but I was also worried about spending a month in a strange place with strangers. But I was able to adapt quickly by meeting good people in the city where everything was new. The schoolteacher, the homestay family and all the others were very considerate and informative, especially as I was not familiar with Australian culture. Therefore, I could adjust naturally to life in Australia.
But it was not enough to achieve my goal of learning English by going to language training. Because one month was too short to learn a language. Classes were also conducted with Korean students, making it more difficult to learn a language . Nevertheless, I was not afraid to try to talk in English first to learn as much as possible, and to speak even while making mistakes. Therefore, I could increase my confidence in English. And naturally, I could learn not only the English language but also how to treat people and understand their culture. I didn't finish the day only with classes in the course. Rather, I tried to travel around with my friends every day and feel Australia with my whole body. So, I could see various aspects of Australia such as scenery, animals, food, and also make precious memories.
3.    Dream of a new challenge through experience
A month passed quickly, meeting many people and spending time together during short-term language training. My life in Australia has taught me that I have lived in a very small world so far. Therefore, if given such an opportunity next time, I would challenge again to become a man who can see the bigger world. Based on my monthly living experience in Australia, I want to learn more and grow up next time.
Life in Australia was such a precious and unforgettable experience. Sometimes when I look at the night sky, I think of many stars in the night sky that I could see in Australia. As such, my memory in Australia is still haunting me in the corner of my mind. I will not forget Australia, which allowed me to learn, acquire new skills, and have a good experience.
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