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Surviving the IT FloodOn Gachon University's Online IT Certification Course
Jeon Jong-Min  |  jongmin1701@naver.com
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Updated : 2020.12.07  23:46:39
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 Today, a social perception that applicants should speak English at a certain level and do computer programming before applying for employment has become widespread. Nevertheless, elementary, middle, and high school curriculums are centered on preparing for the CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test). And even in college, most people don't have opportunities to learn programming except for in certain departments. Therefore, the employment support team of Gachon University conducted the computer qualification course as an offline class every year. However, as Corona Virus caused the number of people to reduce, not many could take offline classes. Therefore, Gachon University made a new partnership with "com&com edu" to conduct both online and offline lectures. So, what kind of class are there and how will this online class proceed? Let's find out together.
 Before learning these courses, you need to know that these courses focus on the test of computer qualification. Beginners can also learn from this course, because the instructors explain it in detail from the beginning. Let's take a quick look at what kind of lectures can be chosen and what can be learned.
- Computer Specialist in Spreadsheet & Database (Level-1 / Level-2)
 It is a certificate to judge overall document writing ability and information processing ability. As shown below, there are numerous computer licenses, but this certificate is the most highly appreciated of them.
- Computerized Accounting Qualification (Level-1 / Level-2)
 It is a theory that applies accounting theory in computers. In the written test, we learn the theory of accounting. In the practical examination, we usually learn to solve accounting problems using computers.
- MOS (Microsoft office specialist)
 It is a certificate for Microsoft Office Program and Windows operating system. The focus of the course is Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Access as well as other Microsoft programs.
- ITQ (Information Technology Qualification)
 ITQ is a test that measures the level of information technology management and practical skills by evaluating information technology capabilities and their ability to utilize information technology. This course focuses mainly on Excel, PowerPoint, and Hangul.
- Introduction of Python
 Python is an advanced programming language that is developed by the programmer, Guido van Rossum. It is widely used in companies and is most recommended for beginner programmers because e-grammar is simpler than other programming languages and expression structure resembles the human cognitive system. This course focuses on algorithms that enhance problem-solving skills before programming.
- Utilize Big Data (R)
 Big data refers to all data generated in a digital environment. The course focuses on how to organize big data extracted from digital data.
- ATC & CAD (Level-2)
 The ATC CadMaster is a test using CAD hosted by ATC, which test the skills of computerizing topographical features such as a floor plan. In this course, we learn about the basics of CAD.
- GTQ (Graphic Technology Qualification)
 The GTQ test is a national certificate administered by the Korea Productivity Center and is a practical test related to Photoshop and Illustration. In this course, they focus mainly on how to use Photoshop and Illustration by computer and actual GTQ test questions from the past.
- ACA (Adobe Certified Associate)
 The ACA test is an international certification qualification test certified by Adobe and is conducted with six Adobe products (PS, PR, FL, DW, IL, ID), also related to Photoshop and Illustration. In this course, we learn about the basics of how to use the Adobe program and how to apply it further.
  As Gachon University made a contract for only one year, it is not certain whether these online IT certification courses will be implemented after 2021. But I hope you don't miss this chance. These courses run online, so it has the advantage of being less restricted by places and time. And it's a chance to prepare for various IT certificates for free. Also, online IT certification courses might be continued after 2021, if students take courses and make good reviews. I hope this opportunity will help pave the way for your career.


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