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Reckless exploitation of nature returns as a boomerangNausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind, it could be our future
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  Nature has been used as industries developed. Through nature, people could develop many things and our life has become more comfortable. But as time goes, people continue to exploit nature indiscriminately without cherishing it. People have even waged wars by using nature. So, I would like to introduce ‘Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind’ to inform how people should be cautious about nature.

1.     Background

 ’Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind’s background is based on the Earth after one thousand years in the future. It is full of pollution after the collapse of the great industrial civilization. The poisonous forest, Buhae, gradually expanded and people lost their homes. They now worry that mankind may go extinct. The only life on the Earth are insects that spout poisonous spawn and hard, huge insect called Omu. Because of this, the people must live away from the forest of Buhae.


2.     The forest of Buhae

 The forest’s name Buhae comes from the plant that spout poison. In this area, Buhaes grow. The forest of Buhae gradually is expanded. If people take this poison, they can die. So, people wear gas mask in this film. At the beginning of the movie, the forest of Buhae appears as a place that is harmful for people. However, the main character Nausicaa finds that nature made Buhae heal itself and that this plant purifies polluted soil and water. Also, she finds that poison flows out the process of purifying and that Omu and insects attack humans to protect forest. In other words, nature made the forest of Buhae to cleanse the polluted earth caused by the collapse of the great industrial civilization.


3.     The Valley Of The Wind and Nausicaa

 The Valley Of The Wind is a village protected by nature. The reason is that the wind from the sea prevents poison. So, The Valley Of The Wind’s people live appreciating and cherishing nature. The main character Nausicaa is a princess that governs The Valley Of The Wind. Through the scenes in the movie, we can see that she really loves her village and nature. A notorious country, Tormekia, occupies The Valley Of The Wind and takes an Omu’s baby as their hostage. Omus are angry at this, so they try to attack The Valley Of The Wind. Nausicaa saves Omu’s baby to help and calm the other Omus. In the end, Nausicaa gets severely injured while saving Omu. Then, Omus stop attacking the valley and heal Nausicaa because Nausicaa sacrificed herself. Tormekia leaves because they felt guilty about Nausicaa’s sacrifice. Finally, The Valley Of The Wind wins freedom.


4.     Tormekia

Tormekia is a notorious country where in the past, they used a monster called Geosinbyeong to burn everything on the field they wished to invade. They occupy The Valley Of The Wind with great military strength. And they try to occupy nature to initiate their civilization. In this process, they hurt Omu’s baby and take it as their hostage, and resurrect Geosinbyeong to use it at war. In other words, they always act cruelly. In this way, that Tormekia is contrasted with The Valley Of The Wind that loves and cherishes nature.


’Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind’ shows scene of nature that becomes ruined by human greed and scenes of brutal humans that still try to ruin nature. Nature made the forest of Buhae heal itself and human try to avoid poison from the forest. However, paradoxically, the poison was made by humans in the process of polluting nature. In other words, the result of reckless exploitation by human returns to human as a boomerang. ‘Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind’ is not just an interesting animation movie made by Japan, but also shows and warns of a miserable reality that may come to us in the future.

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