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Do you want to experience different departments at once?About the interdisciplinary course
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 Since 2014, for incoming students of Gachon University, it has become essential to take and complete second major to graduate except foreigners and transfer students. Without the second major, students can’t graduate. The second major includes minor, double major, intensive major and interdisciplinary major. However, many students in Gachon University don’t know about interdisciplinary major well, because this process seems more complicated than other majors. Therefore, I’d like to introduce it in detail.
 Interdisciplinary major is a system  where students complete the major courses that consist separate curriculums that two or more departments are linked together. Students choose the courses that we want among the things designated by the curriculum. Interdisciplinary major consists of a total of nine courses, with seven fusion majors and two minor majors. The people who chose fusion major must complete 42 credits out of the courses designated by the curriculum, and people who chose minor must complete 20 credits. Through this curriculum, you can learn much deeper about the field because it only collects courses related to the field you want to study.
    Since I covered interdisciplinary major in Gachon University managed by the Gachon University Center for Teaching and Learning Development, I didn’t include other interdisciplinary majors for students in certain colleges.
Kind of Interdisciplinary major
 1. Nano-based Innovative Functional Material Interdisciplinary major (fusion major) 
  In this major, you can develop your ability on graft nanotechnology of science technology and you can also learn the design and synthesis of new functional materials by controlling the property of materials at nano level. The Department of Chemical Technology and the Department of Electronic Engineering are linked, and only the students in the two departments can apply for it. The classes include physical and electronic engineering, material engineering and electronic display engineering.
2. Functional Biomaterial Interdisciplinary major (fusion major)
 This major’s aim is to help prevent and treat human diseases and maintain health by studying production technology that utilizes biological resources such as animals, plants, and microbes.
The departments of Biological Engineering, Life Science, Food and Nutrition, and Oriental Medicine are linked. Only the students in these departments can apply. This major includes subjects such as animal physiology, experimental zoology.
3. Media Computer Interdisciplinary major (fusion major)
 It was established to train talented students with computer skills, big data analysis and application skills. This major is for students who want to get through various fields such as public institutions, companies, and the media and take charge of marketing, designing of computer or media. The departments of Media Communication and Oriental Medicine are linked, and only students in these departments can apply for it. Subjects include VR journalism, media industry and policy.
4. Data Science Interdisciplinary major (fusion major)
 Data science is a field where people analyze accumulated data and extract the meaningful results. In this course, you can learn how to systematize the capabilities for data-based decision-making process. Data collection and analysis or application of data to utilize it for our life efficiently are learnt through this major. The departments of Global Management, Financial Mathematics, Applied Statistics, and Industrial Management Engineering are linked. Unlike the previous major courses, it is possible for all students in this university to apply. It consists of subjects such as database systems, mathematical statistics, and introductory classes in data science.
5. Intelligent Administrative System Interdisciplinary major (fusion major)
 It aims to develop convergence platforms by developing new subjects such as G-Cloud, e-Gov Framework, Big Data, Mobile services and Applications which are the core technology fields of global e-Gov in this major course. The departments of Computer Engineering and Administrative departments are linked, and all students in this university can apply. There are classes such as ICT Administration convergence and Web DB Programming.
6. Intelligent data analytics and security Interdisciplinary major (fusion major)
 Information protection must be safe to lead high-tech industries, which is based on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This course conflates the technology of security and data analysis with the theories of engineering and social science. The departments of Computer engineering, Electrical engineering and police security are linked, and all students in this university can take this course. The course includes data mining, information protection, and criminal statistics.
7. Cosmetics Engineering Interdisciplinary major (fusion major)
 It was established to cultivate people of talent in the global cosmetics industry. Students who major this take specialized placement lectures and science experiments. The departments of Chemical Engineering, Bio-nano, and Bioscience are linked and only students in the departments can apply. It consists of lectures such as basic cosmetics, Formulation Engineering, and Cosmetics Division Engineering.
8. Cognitive science Interdisciplinary major (minor)
 In this course, students explore cognitive science which is a study of human ability to gain knowledge and make use of knowledge. If you take a course designated by cognitive science and another cognitive science course opened by Gachon Liberal Arts Department, the grades can be recognized second major as a minor major. Therefore, all students can obtain degrees regardless of their major. It consists of subjects like Language Data Analysis and Processing, Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence.
9. Digital Entertainment Interdisciplinary major (minor)
 It provides a balanced curriculum road map designed by theoretical learning and projects about cultural contents, virtual reality, digital content marketing for students who want to design, develop, or manage digital entertainment contents. The departments of Gachon Liberal Arts College, Computer Engineering, and Global Management are linked and all students in this university can apply. It consists of subjects such asDigital Content Planning and Understanding Marketing.
  Now, you have variety of options. I hope you make deliberate choice that is beneficial to you.
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