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How do you want to get old?"Intern," a movie that can change your perspective on aging.
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 Getting older can be an accumulation of experiences, but on the other hand, it can cause social alienation. In modern society, negative images of old age are prevalent. This makes it easy to find a case of 'senior discrimination'. Now that there is a "senior discrimination phenomenon" which is a discrimination against seniors just because they are old. We need to pay attention to "senior discrimination." The closest example of the 'senior discrimination phenomenon' can be found through the word 'fossil'. There is often a culture among college students of calling senior students "fossils," which is an example of "senior discrimination."

 "Senior discrimination phenomenon" is a contradictory form of discrimination because today's older generation was young in the past, and today's younger generation will also get old. However, awareness of this perception alone is not enough to address or solve the 'senior discrimination phenomenon'. There is an aspect in our society that youth is welcoming. But when it comes to the "old age", people tend to think of it as something to fear. Therefore, we need to change our perspective on 'oldness'. Let's take a look at 'Intern,' a film that can change our perspective on aging and the elderly.

 Jules, CEO of "About the Fit", has expanded the company, having more than 200 employees in 18 months after the establishment., She maintains her early passion of business, dressing herself and explaining 'About The Fit' through SNS. She also suggests the color concept for the web design department. When she goes to the logistics center, she shows that she doesn't miss even the smallest of details on the packaging for the customers. Then she meets Ben, who was hired through a senior internship.

 The main character, an old man, Ben, worked as the president of a large photocopying factory and retired with the decline of the publishing industry. But to take on a new challenge, Ben gets a job as an intern at a fashion company. He uses age as a tool, not as a limit, and has a positive influence on his surroundings.

 Although Jules is having a hard time because of the lack of harmony between work and family, she cannot readily express her difficulties. Also, Jules feels burdened because Ben is old at first. However, you can see scenes where Jules shares her difficulties with Ben by the trust she has accumulated while working with Ben

 The most important thing to learn from the film is that Ben gives his colleagues proper advices. Ben doesn't seem like a typical "Kkondae". The Korean term Kkondae emerged from students who disparaged teachers with authoritative thinking in Korea. These days, the meaning has expanded, and recently, it is used to refer to those who try to teach young people by generalizing their experiences among the older generation.
 As mentioned earlier, aging is also an accumulation of experience, but on the other hand, social alienation may have originated from
Kkondae culture that began as "advice." Carefully giving the necessary information at the right time is something we should learn as we grow older.

 If you watch this movie, you will draw a blueprint for your future. Everyone gets old, but how they get old matters. We should remember that 'oldness' is time of learning and experiencing more, not just a negative thing. Lastly, I want you to ask yourself a question while watching this movie: "How do I want to get old? "


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