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Donate Your Talent!2021 scholarship student recruitment education project
Lee Boo-Kun  |  boookun1013@gmail.com
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Updated : 2021.06.23  17:28:54
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
 Our nation advances through the power of education. For example, the basis of enormous economic growth, called the miracle of the Han River was supported by the enthusiasm for education in technology. Therefore, education is an essential factor that everyone considers important in our country. However, the wealth gap in modern society creates a large gap in education. Recently, the gap in spending on private education has become more serious as students do not go to school due to covid-19. In addition, a report by the Korean institute of Education and Development showed that the gap in achievement in major subjects was proportional to the gap in income levels. It also showed that the higher percentage of students in the economically lower class, the lower the percentage of advanced students and the higher the percentage of students who fall short of basic education. I want to introduce a scholarship for education project which is helpful for our serious social problem.
 The 2021 Education Support Project by Scholarship Student Program is a mentoring activity that provides Korean, English, mathematics, and other curriculum guidance for at risk students, as well as arts and physical education guidance and career counseling. As a college student, I would like to recommend participation in the activity that I can be proud to contribute to social problems and that I can develop economic independence by earning my own pocket money. In addition, it will be a good experience for students who want to work in the field of education in the future to develop their career as a prospective teacher. First, the qualifications for being selected for this program are as follows. The previous semester's grades must be at least C, and students who are on break from school or have dropped out and scholarship recipients in other projects will not be eligible for application. The selection method is to conduct interviews when documents are submitted through the website of the Korea Scholarship Foundation. There are two main types of mentoring systems that final selected applicants can apply for. The first type is a university-discovering mentor. University-discovering mentors are assigned to university-linked institutions. After the selection, an agreement should be made with the person in charge of the assigned agency on what to teach in mentoring activities and how long the duration of the activities will be. The second is the mentor-discovering type. This type is a method for selecting the institution you want among the institutions that are available, including local centers for elementary, middle and high school students and youth support centers. There is a decisive difference between the two types. The second type, unlike the first, applicants have to write an action plan themselves and receive approval. Activities must be at least 10 hours per year. The maximum daily activity time is 8 hours, and the total hours for a semester is 520 hours. The activity take place from March every year to February the next year, but if a position is abandoned in the middle, the first-ranked person on the wait list will replace the position. The activity pays 12,000 Won per hour. It should be noted that the activities themselves are not recognized as volunteering or trial teaching as salaries are offered for work. In addition, it is also important to note that the contents of the mentoring activities must be agreed by the mentees, and that the hours of the activities will not be recognized if they do not fill out the attendance report. After the completion of the activities, a certificate of activity will be issued under the name of the chairman of the Korea Scholarship Foundation. Also, outstanding activities cases will be contested, and if selected, they will also receive an award.
 2021 Student Education Support Scholarship Project is an opportunity for vulnerable students. It can provide guidance for subjects such as Korean, English, Mathematics, and various counseling. Why don't we make precious memories with students and help reduce the education gap caused by Covid-19? As it is a program that started with good intentions, I hope that there will be a lot of participation from various students.
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