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自信Believing in Myself
Jang Na-Yeon  |  wkdsdkus812@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.06.23  22:30:51
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  You might have something you want to give up in your life. In a way, giving up can be courageous. But the problem is that the thing you would like to abandon is most likely the thing that you must do. What do you do when you have that problem? Whenever getting in trouble, I often think, ‘I really want to quit.’ However, I know that I will somehow hold on without giving up in the end. Also, I know that I will remember this moment in the future.
 Therefore, even if you have hard times now, you should know that this hell would end someday so that you can be patient and endure it. Thanks to my past, I have realized it.
 There is no one who has not experienced difficulties in the world. We all should use our ‘bygone days’, the times when we had overcome every problem. The source of the power to get over it comes from no one other than ‘myself’. Look at you. You are making a good life overcoming adversities. That’s right. What is important is the fact that you proved your strength to never give up, no matter how you got over: positively or against your will. Now, you can just utilize your strength that has been sent to you from the past. In other words, trust yourself. We can make it to the future with the momentum and energy we have accumulated.
 A moment of hardship will come before long, and then you can be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. However, you can also have confidence that you will do well at the same time. Eventually, you will ride out everything. Finally, the value is like stepping a stone to believe in yourself.


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