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What Bukae do you have?Introducing the Home Busking Season 3, Gachon University Bukae Contest
Kim Si-Heok  |  sihuk3838@naver.com
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 The era of multi-persona has arrived, persona means a theatrical mask. In recent years, people have been enthusiastic about the new look of stars, and each of these various aspects of someone is called someone's Bukae in slang. People were interested in Yoo Jae-suk's bukae, Yoo San Seul, Director Yoo, and Yu Ya-ho, and several stars were born in line with this trend. Then, only the stars have Bukae? No, we all have our own Bukaes. For example, you can be a chatterbox at school, a leader at an English meeting, and a cutie at home. Would you believe if there is a place we could introduce our charming Bukaes to whom were only used to seeing someone's Bukae? Here, there is a stage prepared by Gachon University Communication Center for students exhausted from Corona. It's the Bukae contest.

 The Bukae contest is a new topic for home busking, which is already in its third season. Home busking is a stage prepared by the Communication Center for students who are exhausted by the pandemic situation. In Season 1, the theme was 'Daily life of Gachonin in the untact era' and in Season 2, 'Why Gachon university is special to me'. The contest recruited applicants by uploading the application to WIND and sending the video to the person in charge email. Participants' videos were uploaded on YouTube of the communication center for a week, and the final ranking was determined as a result of combining quantitative and qualitative evaluations. Quantitative evaluation is the number of views, likes, and comments of each video, and Qualitative evaluation is an evaluation by a panel of judges. A total of 24 teams participated, there was a team exceptionally popular with students. The title is 'Theater playlist', and it contains the appearance of three Bukaes in the European Language and Literature Department, Yoon Se-jeong, who is active in three fields: dance, acting, and study for the one dream of becoming an actor. Since it is a team that accurately reflects the purpose of this busking event, I would like to introduce it to you. Let's take a look at the interview with the main character, Se-jeong Yoon.
 1. What motivated you to participate in the home busking season 3, Bukae contest?
I found out about the Bukae contest when I was deeply regretful that I was about to graduate without enjoying school life much due to COVID-19. I participated without hesitation because I wanted to make special memory at school before graduating.
 2 Many Bukaes can be seen by some as an all-rounder and by others as a person who dips their feet in many places without focusing on one thing. As someone with a lot of Bukae, what do you think of this?
Although I showed various aspects in the video, I do not think that each is a different Bukae. I think that they all belong to one character, an ‘actor’. Many actors practice qualities such as acting, singing, and dancing to give their best appearance in a short moment on stage. I am also working hard in various fields to become a versatile actor.
 3. Lastly, I would like to ask you what you felt through this event and what you would like to say to the someone who is not yet aware of this event.
It was a proud time to look back on the efforts made as a student and actor. It's difficult to show my face to others, but I think it's a great opportunity to discover a different side of me. I hope that many students discover a new side of themselves and make good memories by participating upcoming Home busking event.
 All human beings play an active role in their own position, and furthermore, in various and wide places, in ever-changing appearances. However, the subject of these various appearances is a unique creature called ‘I’, and that’s the only one in the world. As Sejeong Yoon said, the various Bukaes are not separate entities. It is a part of ‘I’ connected by someone’s passion and will. The Bukae craze is an opportunity to reflect on oneself in the pandemic, and the Gachon University Communication Center's Busking event provides students with opportunities to experience this. How about participating in the upcoming season 4 and decorating school life in a pandemic situation?
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