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The Way to Grow a Loving Heart by Communicating With Animals in Person‘Fampet part-time job’ has a positive impact on both animals and people
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2021.09.08  13:20:33
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 Many animals are unprotected or abandoned because of modern people’s busy life, irresponsible attitude, and so on. According to a website that offers information related to abandoned pets, ‘Pawinhand’, about 26 percent of abandoned pets die of natural causes and about 22 percent of them are euthanized due to poor health, etc. Conversely, only approximately 31% of all abandoned animals are adopted and well protected. From this information, we can be sure that many animals are dying for various reasons. I think it is necessary that animals are loved sincerely and helped to grow well, so I suggest ‘Fampet part-time job’ to fulfill this need.

 Firstly, ‘Fampet’ is a compound word combining ‘family’ and ‘pet’. Fampet part-time jobs include pet cafés like cat cafés as well as dog-walkers who help pets exercise. In addition, there are pet shops, shopping mall part-time jobs, pet hotels, and indoor zoo part-time jobs. As noted by a survey conducted by the part-time job application Albamon, about 88 percent of pet owners answered they prefer Fampet part-time job regardless of low rage, and above 66 percent of people who don’t raise pets answered that they are willing to have Fampet part-time job. As we can see, the preference for a Fampet part-time job is increasing. Furthermore, most respondents said that they wanted it because they like animals, and other people said that ‘because I thought that working with animals would be pleasant’, ‘because I thought job-related pets will prospective later’, ‘because I thought it would be helpful to run a pet-related business’ and so on.

As the awareness about animal protection improves gradually, the term ‘companion animal’ was formalized instead of pet in February 2020. This is because they wanted to emphasizing the meaning of ‘companion living with’, and it reflected social request emphasizes that animals are not toys or brief means of play and they are emotional objects. If care for animals increases because of a changing social system that accepts the increasing preference of Fampet part-time job, there will be more opportunities to have a positive effect on both protected animals and people who offer protection through a part-time job. People can also be helped in a positive way by animials. For example, when owners have social anxieties or lose their trust in others, companion animals can play a role in bridging the gap. Communion with animals helps people let their guard down and heal their minds naturally.

 Companion animals are not only not loved enough, but they are also left unattended because of modern people’s busy daily lives. Fampet part-time job can certainly take care of companion animals that are emotionally supportive to us and strengthen our consciousness that being together is essential in modern society.

 As communication with animals rises as one of the new means of self-improvement, Fampet part-time job also can be a means of offering us not only pleasure but also a chance to develop ourselves. Why don’t you earn money and develop an attitude to cherish lives by having Fampet part-time job?
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