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I Am the Best Promoter of Our University!Gachon University’s online publicity experts,
Jang Na-Yeon  |  wkdsdkus812@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.09.09  04:39:51
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 The International Affairs department of Gachon University established an online publicity expert community, <Genius> in June 2021. These days when the usage of SNS (Social Network Service) is extremely high, promotion through online media is necessary. Let’s see their ultimate goal and what <Genius> does more specifically.
 I interviewed an official in International Affairs and members of <Genius> Season 1 because there was little available information about it.
Q1. What is <Genius> and what’s their goal?
The <Genius> mainly organizes activities focusing on four things:
1) Improvement of the ‘GNI platform’. The online One-Stop service GNI platform includes our webpage and SNS of International Affairs and it provides online services to both international students and native students. We publicize foreign entrance examinations through SNS and make content for the platform.
2) Providing methods for untact communication. Due to Covid-19, we are trying to communicate by utilizing the video platforms (Youtube, Live) in preparation for untact life.
3) Enhancing satisfaction of pre-overseas students and enrolled students. We have a goal of preventing breakaways and making them feel a sense of belonging by producing a variety of content with student ambassadors who match with them.
4) Global promotion effect by running an account on multinational SNS. We are posting news cards and videos on Instagram or Youtube so we can widen the range of our promotions.
Q2. How long does <Genius> work for?
They work for 6 months in each season.
Q3. Qualifications of application and recruitment second season
<Genius> will start with 1st season members. We want students who are willing to help international students with love for Gachon University and who can utilize content production tools.
Q4. Motivations for 1st season members to apply.
Hwang Su-min: “I have mentored exchanged students in an international mentoring program previously. At that time, I wanted to make content for those who felt regret for going back to their countries without adapting to college life.”
Oh Yong-Jun: “It’s a shame that I did not recognized that there were many international students at our university until senior year.”
 <Genius> consists of people who know well about the difficulties of Gachon University. These are students who, more than anyone else, really want to help. They just took their first step and we have many expectations for them. Also, <Genius> will continue with next season members progressively, so I hope you feel interested and participate in it.
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