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My Story at the Center of the Changing Media WorldInterview with PD Park Young-Hoon of TV Chosun
Kim Si-Heok  |  sihuk3838@naver.com
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Updated : 2021.12.21  00:30:32
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 This is an era where the word “video” is familiar. The essence of countless videos is on TV programs. I wanted to find out what the right role of public broadcasting and TV programs would be in the present era, where many videos such as OTT services and YouTube exist. In addition, I interviewed TV Chosun PD Park Young-Hoon to help Gachon University students who want to be producers by looking into the life of a producer.
1. For students who want to become a PD, please tell us what kind of job is.
  I think that a PD is a job that has a lot of loneliness. You may think, 'Isn't it a job to meet many celebrities and staff more than anyone else', but after playing with many people, the person who sticks around everyone has left is the PD. That's why it's lonely, and it entails responsibility from start to finish. A person who overcomes loneliness well, gives people trust based on his or her beliefs, can read minds, and can see the world and things from various perspectives. They are also someone who knows how to draw a world view beyond, where 1+1 is not 2. Maybe the PD is a collection of unusual people.
2. As YouTube and various OTT services have grown in size, interest in TV has changed. Still, it doesn't look like TV is going to disappear any time soon. Because when disasters or major issues occur, we turn on the TV rather than watch YouTube. However, it seems impossible to prevent the narrowing the roles of general channels as generations change. What do you think a situation like this?  
 This is the era of platform wars. As there's a saying that money costs money, so many dinosaur companies with money are jumping into the platform war. There are many variables such as the prevalence of mobile phones, consumption patterns of the younger generation, and lifestyles of seniors, but I think the most important is the quality of content. TV is not going away soon. As with the current trend, changes in the market will be led by people and companies with content power and even brand power. If TV broadcasting stations cannot provide quality content, they will disappear, and if various platform operators do not secure quality content, they will disappear before TV. This leads to the question of 'how good content can be maintained while spending a budget'. Since each platform still has its advantages, it seems that the battle between biting and tearing each other like now will continue for a while.
3. Perhaps because of the vast media world, TV programs these days seem to value communication with viewers using various sources (YouTube, V App, Naver TV, etc.). In this era where there are so many things to see, I wonder what kind of efforts PD Young-Hoon and other fellow producers make to secure viewers.
  It is a very difficult question. I want to travel to the future riding in a DeLorean from Back to the Future. These days, unlike in the past, it seems to have a good response when I express my thoughts directly without embellishment. To broaden my perspective, I often read trendy books, check out performances, and watch videos made by other people. Especially these days, I'm listening to old videos and songs again. This is because, in many cases, when I hear and read the lyrics of songs or videos heard and read when I were a child, because I can reinterpret the meaning of the song again as an adult. I think the retro craze has occurred from this kind of feeling. I always study,  watch, listen a lot and try to feel a lot. Personally, I want to meet and talk with a lot of young people these days, but it's not easy in the current situation, so I feel sad.
4. As a PD, you have done various works such as real variety shows and music programs, and I wonder what you think first in producing TV broadcasts.
  It's a person. I think it is the most important part of content these days. The character of a person, the true character, is important. For example, in the case of You Quiz on the Block (TvN), after many attempts, it is now becoming a popular entertainment program in name and reality. Where did that power come from? Even if it is not that famous, or a celebrity, the stories, and characters of the performers we want to hear were exposed to the world. It is perfect with a quiz that serves as a seasoning, not deviating from the first planning intention.
5. You must have met many celebrities and related people during the field experience of over 10 years. Tell us the most impressive story.
  There are so many, it's hard to choose just one, but I'll tell you a story about one person rather than an episode. His details and thoughts were so different from ours. It seems like a simple scene, but the message it wanted to convey one by one was outrageous, and the sincerity was great. Even with his excellent abilities, he still reads many books, experiences things, and puts them into practice with an attitude of self-learning. He has a great personality and knows how to keep his mouth closed about things he doesn't know, but instead, opens his ears all the time. He is the director Bong Joon-ho.
6. In the moments of life to come, I would like to hear about your goals as PD Young-Hoon Park and furthermore, as a human being, Young-Hoon Park.
  There are so many things I want to do in the future. I want to ride a motorcycle, play the piano well, and fly an airplane. In addition, the goal of Park Young-Hoon is to be a screenwriter and film director who knows how to write a story that can cause misunderstanding, with the imagination of being a member of Matrix Neo, Legendary Killer John Wick, and BTS. In the near term, the goal is to finish the web entertainment 'Two Tae-gun's Wild Club', which will be launched in early November after a long preparation.
   As you can see from the interview, the media market is changing rapidly. No one can predict what will happen in the next 5 or 10 years. However, there is an unchanging truth that only, those that attract public attention and hearts survive. Currently, each platform competes with its own strengths, but it is evident that the boundaries between platforms will disappear over time. In the midst of the current flood of information, why not become a smart viewer and enjoy content with unprecedented quality instead of consuming meaningless content?
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