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University Development Fund? Don’t Worry! Gachon University Students Will Take Responsibility for It!Gachon University 1st Fund Supporters
Kim Hyun-Jin  |  emily0125@naver.com
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 Have you ever heard of the ‘Development Fund’? This is a fund to repair or expand school educational facilities, purchase educational materials such as books, support financial welfare and autonomous activities. Funds for this are donated by alumni organizations or individuals who are not alumni. Specifically for our school, there is a “Gachon Love Fund” used to build educational infrastructure and a “Designated Fund” where donors can directly designate and donate to the university or affiliated institutions. In this way, donations are spread from a wide array of sources. Also, communication between students and alumni will be expanded through a tour of their companies. Our school recruited the first development fund supporters <Gachon Narae> to receive employment-related information through interviews with seniors and to establish mutual relations with prospective job seekers in the future. Let’s find out what kind of activities the newly selected <Gachon Narae> is doing under the COVID-19 situation.

In principle, students selected for <Gachon Narae> should work on a rotational basis on matters related to the work of the Ministry of Foreign Cooperation of the Development Fund team. In addition, they plan, produce, and promote online content related to the fund. Also, they will participate in events with the Ministry of Foreign Cooperation and observe protocols such as in-school and outdoor donor courtesy events, alumni events and dinners for large donors with the chancellor. Applications are open to 1st to 3rd-grade students enrolled in the global campus. Five students have been selected and currently work after selecting interviewees through the first submission of documents.

Among them, there were several preferential conditions in the selection to produce online content. In contents, there are alumni interview videos, Vlogs, introduction videos of <Gachon Narae> and interviews with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Cooperation and card news produced with their own projects. Students who have excellent IT or content creation skills, photo or video shooting skills and who are capable of editing and design tools were selected first. The final selected students work from September 2021 to February 28, 2022, with a scholarship of 1,440,000 won per semester. It is a different concept from the existing ambassadors, and they would be continually selected in the future, unlike the 1st supporters, 2nd supporters who work only for a year. Through it, students at Gachon University have more opportunities to receive scholarships as members of the school.

 We have checked up on the newly selected <Gachon Narae>. If you have any more questions about it, you can visit the Gachon University Development Fund website to get more information. I hope you will pay a lot of attention to <Gachon Narae>, which delivers useful information to your classmates through online contents despite the COVID-19 situation. There will be steady selection in the future, so why don’t you apply for the next rider if you want to be a member of <Gachon Narae>?
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