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Challenge! Ring the Golden BellWhat is special about the 13th anniversary of Gachon’s English Golden Bell?
Choi Seh-min  |  cchloe1006@gmail.com
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Updated : 2021.12.21  21:17:40
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 The Gachon English Golden Bell is a long-running event at Gachon University that and marks its 13th anniversary this year. Both last year and this year, the event was conducted non-face-to-face due to the Covid19, despite this a massive number of students have still participated in this event. The Gachon English Golden Bell was organized by the office of International Affairs of Gachon University. It is a quiz contest that asks questions about the school, English grammar based on the TOEIC test, English idioms, current affairs, and common knowledge. Students have to answer the questions in English, and the questions are given in English as well. The office of the International Affair is hosting this event to help students to improve their English skills and be more familiar with English. Let’s find out what's special about this annual event, which receives attention consistently from students.
 This year, the Gachon English Golden Bell was held on Wednesday, September 29, and lasted about two hours. Before Covid-19, the contest had been held in the Gachon University Vision Tower Gymnasium. But after the Covid-19, it was conducted non-face-to-face through Webex and Kahoot. The registration has also changed. Before the Covid-19, students had to register at a reception area on-site. Currently, after the Covid-19, students should register online through the Gachon University WIND website within two weeks of the contest. The Golden Bell consists of three rounds. All rounds consist of True/False and Single Choice questions. 10 seconds were given for True/False questions and 20 seconds for Single Choice questions. 40 people with the highest scores are selected in the first round, and they are immediately advanced to the final. The second round is a consolation round, 30 players get a chance to go to the final round. A total of 70 students, including 40 students of the first-round winners and 30 students of the second-round winners, are advanced to the final. 10 participants with the highest scores in the final round can receive scholarships. The first place is selected as Gachon Bell, the second to fifth place are selected as Golden Bell, and the sixth to tenth are selected as Silver Bell. Gachon Bell recipients receive scholarships of 500,000 won,  there is 300,000 won for Golden Bell winners, and 100,000 won for the Silver Bell. After the event, all the participants get a chance to receive prizes through a lottery. Additionally, information on the prize is not announced until the event is over, and it is revealed after the draw. Prizes change every year, and the 13th Gachon English Golden Bell prize was a wireless charger and a 3-multi charger.
 I participated in the Gachon English Golden bell to find out what makes this event loved by students for a long time. By participating in the competition, I was able to find out its well-loved factors and I summarized them into the three main categories. The first is stimulation for studying English. As I solved the questions, I was able to clearly distinguish what knowledge I have and what I don’t. Also, the desire to study English is stimulated because all the score is open through rankings. Thus, various knowledge and English proficiency are compared directly to fellow-student’s at school. Furthermore, I was able to accumulate new knowledge because answers to each question are revealed before moving on to the next question. Secondly, the progress of the competition shows how much this event values interactive communication. Professors who were hosting this event pointed out that students can share their opinions on this event. When students ask questions via webchat, professors replied to them right away. In this way, the professors tried their best to communicate a lot with the students, and solve any limitations in communicating. Lastly, there is passionate feedback from the office of International Affairs of Gachon University. After the competition, a survey was conducted;  it inquired about the satisfaction level of the event, satisfaction level of the question types, and how much desire inclined to study English after the event was asked through the survey. The questions in the survey are more specific than expected, and the detailed questions show how hard they are trying to satisfy the students, how the meaning of competition and questions accord, and how actively they get feedback from students. I, personally was also able to find out that this event is held for students by participating directly.
 All the information about the Gachon English Golden Bell is listed in this article, and by participating in this event I have found out the specialty of this event and why it has been well-loved by students for a long time. The Gachon English Golden Bell is also scheduled to be held in 2022, next year. This competition will directly affect students in building up their English skills and knowledge. I recommend students to participate in the Gachon Golden Bell and have fun and widen their knowledge.
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