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We All Have Great PotentialThe True Story of Michael Oher and ‘The Blind Side’
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 All the events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were interesting, made a big impression, and interviews with the athletes regularly made headlines. When Team Korea archer Kim Woo-Jin dropped out of the men’s competition of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics following an upset loss against Taiwan’s Tang Chin-Chun in the quarterfinals, a reporter asked, “You have ended the tournament with a shocking result.”. In reply, he confidently answered with a smile; “Nothing is guaranteed in sports, and no one can predict results. That’s why people watch and fall in love with sports, I don’t appreciate the use of the word ‘shocking’.” Sport is a drama without a script, it arouses people’s interest and makes us immersed in games. It is the reason why there are many sports movies based on a true story. I would like to introduce the movie ‘The Blind Side’, which shows faith in human potential and share the profound emotion of this story.
 ‘The Blind Side’ means the part we cannot see well and that represents Michael Orr’s circumstances well.
 The movie begins with Michael Oher who seems to know nothing while being interrogated coercively by an NCAA (The National College Athletic Association) assistant investigator. He. The story then goes back in time two years. The situation in which Michael is placed is very tragic. His father leaves the house as soon as he was born, and his mother gets addicted to drugs. So, Michael Oher becomes a homeless teen living in Tennessee. He is moved from one foster home to another. One of Michael’s foster parents tries to enroll him into Wingate Christian School despite his poor academic records. His athleticism and passion for football impresses the football coach Cotton and he recommends his enrollment. However, Michael is not able to start playing football because of his poor grades. He has to get better grades, but all the students and teachers at school avoid him and complain that he is a low-quality student. He almost gets kicked out of school, but thankfully the biology teacher starts to help him study. His biology teacher discovers his potential. So, he lends him books, reads out test questions, and encourages his learning. The night before Thanksgiving, Leigh Anne who visited her son’s school play notices Michael walking alone in the rain and decides to offer to let him sleep at her house overnight. They spend Thanksgiving Day together and she continues to take care of him because he has nowhere else to go. While living together, Leigh Anne continues to have doubts about Michael Oher. However, as she spends time with him together, her family and herself falls in love with Michael Oher’s pure heart and sincerely welcome him to the family eventually. Michael gets good grades with the help of her family and starts to train soccer properly. She tries to be a genuine family by volunteering to become his legal guardian. He does his best in every game based on their encouragement and trust, and everyone is surprised by his outstanding skills. He graduates highschool as a scholarship student and enter the University of Mississippi, the school that Leigh Anne and her husband graduated from. However, the University Sports Association interrogates him on the grounds that his acceptance is strange, and makes him doubt that the favor of Leigh Anne couple is using him to satisfy their needs. In that way, the relationship between the Leigh Anne family and Michael goes wrong, but again, the misunderstanding gets resolved through deep conversations. The movie ends with a scene of Michael growing up to become a superb player and having a happy college life.
Important points of the movie, ‘The Blind Side’ (Tips about growing into a great athlete)
 The main keywords in the movie ‘The Blind Side’ are as follows.
1. Trust 
 Michael Oher, who lives away from his drug addict mother, grows up in an unstable environment. Wandering around the houses of acquaintances, he doesn’t have a chance to study or play sports properly. He is tall and big, depressed all the time so everyone shuns him. However, after Leigh Anne knows his situation, she invites him to her house and takes care of him. Most importantly, she shows her trust in him and helps him to develop his latent athletic ability. Additionally, because Michael Oher is Black he feels out of place in a school full of white students, all the teachers say he is too stupid and lacks studying ability that he will never be able to fit into this school. When everyone presses upon him, there is a teacher who say that it is possible to adjust to school life if he gets familiar with a learning method. Finally, he can develop gratitude to people who believe in him and supports his own.
2. Coaching focused on individual characteristics and strengths
 Michael Oher is not as good at reading as his peers. However, he shows outstanding ability in listening and learning. The biology teacher, who finds out about it, repeatedly reads the textbook and teaches him through a method of study that suits Michael. After finding out Michael's athletic strength, Leigh tells the coach and assigns him to the quarterback position that nurtures his strength. Michael Oher also sacrifices himself to protect the person he loves, so Leigh Anne motivates him by saying; "Team is your family. You have to protect the team from your enemies, okay?"
3. Reliable Supporters
 Whenever Michael Oher plays a game, he becomes intimidated by words such as “Who is that fat guy?” and “How good would a Black kid do?” and no one cheers for him. However, after spending time with Leigh Anne and her family, he learns to trust and love others, he also gains confidence and expresses it through soccer. He plays harder for his family who trusts and cheers him.
 Michael Oher’s story tells us that to become a great athlete not only an inborn talent but also surroundings are very important. Furthermore, this story teaches us the greatness of others' faith that can change one’s life forever. This is a quote from Michael Oher’s interview, “I have gone through so many ups and downs in life, but thanks to Leigh Anne and her family’s unconditional love and support I have made it, playing the game in the Super Bowl that was the dream stage.” Like this story, someone’s influence in a person’s life can have a strong effect. Like Michael Oher, overcoming arduous adversities and not being led astray, everybody can have a chance to be happy. Also, if you do something kind as Leigh Anne did, there will be a reward for good behavior and become happy all the time. True faith and love have a strong power to change one’s life. This is not just a sports movie, so I recommend watching this movie because you will be deeply moved by the movie. Also, there are some lessons to learn. Let’s take some time to look back on ourselves and reorganize our lives together.
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