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Various Knowledge of Major, Let’s Acquire From ‘G-Ted’TED lecture from Gachon’s, ‘G-TED’
Lee Hae-Jin  |  huckey@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2022.03.20  17:05:42
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 There are many students who must learn everything through untact style courses and, therefore, have little knowledge of their major because of COVID 19. It’s not easy to meet a professor for a face-to-face conversation or learn more and ask for advice from seniors. So, Gachon University prepared a program that helps students to build a better knowledge of their major. I will introduce ‘G-TED’, a little know and underpromoted program that students don't know well.

 In brief, ‘G-TED’ is short-form content that professors at Gachon University, who have achieved outstanding research results, easily and interestingly explain in-depth major knowledge. The lecture videos are released every week on the home page and official YouTube, and there are twenty videos in total now. After you visit a Gachon home page and click the ‘Gachon news’ located in the upper part, you can see the videos at ‘Lectures of Gachon’. I watched the videos directly to check out what G-TED is and what information it delivers. In this article, I will share my thoughts about the two videos that impressed me most.

1. The waves that have already begun – Ask the ways to Artificial Intelligence (Professor Lee Young Ho)
 This video explained big data, artificial intelligence, and the 4th Industrial Revolution and talked about their connection. Professor talked that as the role of AI grows, human jobs will currently disappear gradually. More specifically speaking, human jobs will be reduced by about 40 percent at first, but further, they can disappear by up to 60 percent. In addition, some interesting facts were mentioned, like the news that the amount of data accumulated up to now is about 1 billion GB, I felt the lectures were dependable because they mentioned concrete statistic data and figures. As the 4th Industrial Revolution is coming, I have heard about the 4th Industrial Revolution and AI at the middle school and the high school constantly, the lecture was more detailed and objective in line with the story.

2. Living as a person who experienced cancer in our society (Professor Park Eun Young)
 Professor Park Eunyoung, the first oncologist and professor of nursing in Korea talked about her patients in the lecture. This lecture was unique that not dealing with survival rate or mortality rate when we have cancer, but social prejudice about the cancer patients. I was also busy feeling sorry and worrying about if I heard the news about the person who have cancer. However, from the patient’s view, this kind of reaction can be the cause of being more exhausted. Also, these days some people use the expression "I'm getting cancer" in a bad situation, and could be considered disrespectful to patients. It was good to hear a message about breaking social prejudice surrounding cancer and that a healthy society could be revealed.

 As with the first lecture, there were other information-oriented lectures, but there were also the lectures that delivered a social message like in the second. According to the comments listed on the lecture video, most of the reactions were that the lecture was very polished and understandable. Also, because Gachon professors progressed the lectures directly, the videos are accessible and friendly to Gachon students. The students can learn about the various social issues, not only focused on one field because there are a variety of major professors creating these the lectures. Since it is content made by Gachon University with great effort for students, why don't you learn deeply about your major knowledge and use it efficiently?

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