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My Own Hobbies That We Can Enjoy OnlineOnline Class- Making Grip Toks
Kim Hyun-Jin  |  emily0125@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.03.20  18:29:24
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 With COVID-19 continuing, we are exposed to various activities online. From school and academies, various briefing sessions, as well as online exhibitions introduced in the previous article, we are also enjoying cultural life online. Therefore, this time, I would like to introduce a creative class that can be enjoyed online. Nowadays, we are likely to buy pretty and cute grip toks sold at markets to make our phone unique. We can see a variety of them sold such as knitted or metal grip toks. This time, I looked at several online classes through a site called ‘Idus’ so I could make them myself. Among them, I chose a class called “Making My Own Grip Tok”. This class can be used unlimitedly for six months after purchase and several examples were made from various configurations. The supplies that I purchased with the class contained all the essential tools needed such as acrylic paints, brushes, grip tok and rajin.

 Before taking a full class, the author’s introduction, description of materials, tools and practice classes are required. Also, these classes allow you to identify which supplies are available and practice basic skills in advance. After taking basic class, we can make “Martier Grip Tok” first. Martier means “the texture of the paint” and it is used to apply paint several times to make the texture stand out. Color combination is an important aspect of Martier Grip Tok. I considered which colors should be blended to make it beautiful and I had to adjust the ratio of each paint well before mixing them together. In addition, I realized how to express the texture of the paint elaborately when I touch the brush. In the class, teacher taught me several color combinations that look pretty, and it was possible to make my own color combinations. Through this process, I was able to make four Martier grip toks, a combination of three taught by the artist and one of my own. After taking this course, I was able to take a more advanced class, “Flower Grip Tok”. This class was more difficult than the previous class, it was necessary to practice drawing stems and leaves several times in advance. It was necessary to practice of adjusting the ratio of paint and water properly several times to prevent mistakes when drawing stems and leaves on it. Among tulips, hyacinths, bellflowers, and camellia flowers, I drew them without bellflowers. It looked simple at first, it was not easy to draw on a small grip tok. Although it was difficult to control the power and combine colors, I was able to produce a unique grip tok by selecting the background color and drawing a cute flower shape. At last, it was finally completed by finishing all the work with rajin.
 This experience was done at home at my own pace. There was a disadvantage that it was not possible to directly get help from the teacher in person. However, it had an advantage of being able to take classes anytime, anywhere, also can experience the design of the course several times. Online classes were explained in as much detail as offline, and I could experience them at my own pace so that I could enjoy my hobbies leisurely. As I listened to the class slowly, I was proud that I had done it all by myself and thought that I wanted to make another project later. Although online classes are used more often because of COVID-19, it would be a good opportunity for anyone who wants to spend time alone or slowly enjoy leisure life to crate various works through online classes. Why don’t you take an online class that suits you?
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