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The Power of ‘Experience’ in LifeA blend of youth and experience
Choi Seh-min  |  cchloe1006@gmail.com
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Updated : 2022.03.21  14:41:21
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 It has already been two years since Covid-19 forced me to stay only at home. I expected my university life would be active and that I would experience a wide variety of activities. Now, I am already a third-year student at the university and haven’t been on campus in years. However, thankfully, I became a member of the Gachon Herald. Through this activity I have met precious people, and by writing articles I got used to expressing myself in writing and improved my vocabulary. In addition, I had the opportunity to become a chief editor of the Gachon Herald. I am also expecting that this important position will nurture me more. The experience from Gachon Herald activities is improving me and I think this experience will mark me out and be a big help to me. I strongly believe in the power of ‘experience’, and so far, experience has always developed me and been helpful in the future. Occasionally, there were experiences where I thought, “will this really be helpful in my life?”, but, in the end, the experience somehow definitely helped me. Thus, I want to emphasize the importance of ‘experience’ in life. So, now you’re probably thinking, why it is important and how can it be helpful?
-Experience teaches us how to deal with failure
 Dealing with failure is an important element to have if we want to be successful in any area of life. Experience will teach us how to deal with failure because you will surely undergo trial and error and by going through this, you will reflect on yourself. Also, everyone’s failure is not the same, it will be a unique experience which also means it is a special opportunity for growth.
-Experience allows you to be more confident in your abilities
 There is nothing worse than not trusting yourself and always second-guessing your decisions and abilities. If you have lots of experience under your belt, then you will be able to know how capable you are of doing something and be more confident in your decisions.
-Expertise Opens Up More Opportunities
 The more expertise you have in a certain field of work, the more doors will be opened for you. It can lead to opportunities such as consulting or working on side projects that might be an extension of your main project.
 For the reasons set out above, I want to emphasize the importance of ‘experience’. Experience is important because it teaches us a lot about ourselves and the world around us. It helps us find our true purpose in life, makes life more enjoyable, and teaches us to appreciate little things. Although I have been able to experience on-campus life yet due to Covid19, I am happy that I can be part of the Gachon Herald and experience some part of on-campus life. I met a lot of good people and experience activities that can develop me in various ways. In particular, I think there are many opportunities to ‘experience’ as a university student. So, what are you waiting for? Start gaining experience today!
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