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Let’s all enjoy Korean ThanksgivingFun “Hangawee” Festival with foreign exchange students
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n the 27th of September, there was a Korean Thanksgiving Festival for foreign exchange students in Gachon University. The event took place at the Stardom Plaza of Vision Tower. The Vice president of the Foreign Department So Jin Kwang, Chinese Embassy representatives, and numerous professors attended the festival. There were also more than 600 foreign exchange students as well as 400 Korean students who came and celebrated the holiday together.

  The dean of students Jang il-Joon announced the purpose of the event, “Holidays are when everyone misses their home. We have prepared this Thanksgiving festival for the foreign exchange students who cannot visit their home for the holiday.” Goo-Young (Dep. Of Korean Language and Literature/China) responded as a representative of the exchange students, “I’d like to give a special thanks to the students and faculty members for coming to this festival. We foreign exchange students are spending holidays in a foreign country, but thanks to this festival, we had a most splendid holiday.”

  At the event, Korean Students performed Taekwondo, Samulnori (traditional percussion quartet), and dance shows. The foreign exchange students made their traditional food and served them with explanations of each food. There were also booths where students could experience other countries’ various traditional cultures such as a Latin Dance, shuttlecock game, martial arts, and calligraphy.

  Khoi (Dep. Of BioNano/Vietnam) who attended the event said, “I am very grateful to be able to introduce our culture to Korean students. I would like to thank the school for this wonderful festival.” Jang Kyung-Bang (Department of Hotel Food service/China) who was making Korean dumplings added, “It is interesting to experience some Korean traditional culture, and the process of making Korean dumplings is also fun.”

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Let’s all enjoy Korean Thanksgiving
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