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Are You Ready for a New Goal?

Are You Ready for a New Goal?
It is not the actual enjoyment of pleasure that ...
Global Campus

Even if life deceives you

Even if life deceives you
Although I’ve been teaching communication for 20...
English Clinic
The Reality Behind So-called Successful Entertainers
The tyranny of agencies
Because of the development of SNS and media, entertainment workers are more easily caught up in various rumors and suffer from them. Shocking news about celebrities is often heard here and there a few...
The Destruction of Two Dreams
The wall of convention that doesn't collapse easily, the play “The Seagull”
Have you ever heard the phrase, 'Do you know the genius who is stuffed?' This famous statement is the first sentence of the novel 'Wings' by the author Lee Sang. According to him, he wrote it...
The Joys and Sorrows of ART
Healing Art Museum – How Pain Became A Masterpiece
Do you believe in the power of art? Masterpieces such as Munch's , Degas's , and Monet's contain the other side that we didn’t not...
A Mission with an Audience in a War
The Long Take War Movie, '1917'
Do you know about the long-take technique? It is a technique of filming a video at once without cutting off the screen in the middle. This long-take technique may make...

For Those Who Want To Be CEO

For Those Who Want To Be CEO
Recently, the "self-branding" craze is blowing u...
Get It Beauty!
There are special people who look like they’re always standing under a spotlight. Although they are not especially beauty...
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