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Photo Essay

We Are Everything to Them

We Are Everything to Them
Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are th...
Global Campus

The Last Lecture Note

The Last Lecture Note
What is a university supposed to be like? What s...
English Clinic
Is This Appropriate Consumption?
Let’s cultivate how to spend money wisely in 2022
‘Value-based Consumption’ is making a purchase decision based on personal values, and this expression has recently become popular with generation MZ (born 1981~1995). People who pursue ‘Value-based Co...
If He Had a Name…
One lonely creature who was abandoned by its creator, ’Frankenstein’
What do you imagine when you hear Frankenstein? Most people will say, “a hideous looking monster”. Surprisingly, Frankenstein is not the name of the monster, it is the scientist’s name who created the....
If You Are Poor, How Are You Going to Live?
The book that tells us that everyone can live well regardless of their wealth, ‘The winter vacation’
You can’t live in an apartment because you don’t have enough money. You have only two pairs of shoes, and you just leave those on the floor because there isn’t enough mon...
A Camera is Like a Gun
Night Crawler’, a movie about sociopath created by distorted journalism.
Have you ever heard about the job ‘Night Crawler’? A Night Crawler is a freelancer existing in the U.S., who work to shoot and sell the scene of an incident that could be...

Being a Great Child Is the First Step to Being a Greatly Talented Person

Being a Great Child Is the First Step to Being a Greatly Talented Person
If you are a student who has classes in the Visi...
My Own Hobbies That We Can Enjoy Online
With COVID-19 continuing, we are exposed to various activities online. From school and academies, various briefing sessi...
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