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Photo Essay

Let’s Log-in to Taste World!

Let’s Log-in to Taste World!
It is not easy to find real delicious restaurant...
Global Campus

Learn to live with solitude!

Learn to live with solitude!
People say that love is the most important. But ...
English Clinic
Animal Diplomacy Is Like A Double-Edged Sword.
A Baby Panda who must leave Korea after a year
Fubao, a baby panda that lives in Everland, was born to Aibao and Lubao, the only giant pandas in Korea. Fubao was the first naturally bred panda in Yongin, Korea and was born on July 20, 2020. Because...
Everyone’s Life is a Fairy Tale Written by the Hand of God
The fairy-tale-ish story made up by Hans Christian Andersen
Do you know what “The Little Mermaid”, “The Match Girl”, “The Ugly Duckling”, and “Red Shoes” have in common?
That’s the Proof That I Rushed into the Waves Again Today
The story of people who take care of each other’s injury, Ding
‘It is natural that I get ding if I surf. That’s… the proof that I rushed into the waves again today.’ It is the phrase representative of the novel Ding written by Moon Jin-young and several people are consoled by this phrase. Have you ever heard of ‘Ding’? It refers to a mark or scar on a surf board damaged by waves. Ding is literally the story of people who have the ding.
The World Goes By What It Believes, Big Fish
Strangers who know each other very well
What if you hear your father's exaggerated adventure stories over and over again? The story is that my father meets a witch who sees fate and a giant the size of a house, and goes to a ghost village where time stopped. The film shows the process of understanding the difference...

Connecting People and Crafting New Cities through Urban Regeneration

The modern era is characterized by the fact that...
Notice the Esthetics of Movies
In recent times, the cost of movie tickets has gone up and movie theaters making fewer profits. More people are now...
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