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Photo Essay

Life in Night - Night View

Life in Night - Night View
“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a ...
Global Campus

Between emotion and sesitivity

Between emotion and sesitivity
Let’s suppose that you go to the movie with your...
English Clinic
Who Will Be Protecting the Most Important Victim's Wounds?
Two faces of juvenile law
Just when we might forget about juvenile crimes, serious live videos of juvenile violence are posted on social media. A recent incident occurred on October 22nd, when a group of teenagers, born in 2006, attacked another teenager...
Our Everyday Hero, Firefighter
Having an Interest in Firefighter through the Performance Firefighter
In movies and dramas, superheroes appear every time disasters occur, saving people easily from a desperate moment. In reality, however, there are no heroes who fly with high-tech suits or have superpowers. Instead, we have "real" heroes...
Now Is the Time That You Need to Know, “The Speech Habit That Can Change Me”
Communication skills that we haven't learned so far; we can do it.
We might often hear things like, 'what do you want to say?' and 'speak more clearly,' when you're talking with someone else. Besides, when you make a presentation in front of many people, you often fail to deliver what you want to convey...
What Mask Are You Wearing?
'Intimate Strangers,’ a movie that shows fear of secrets being revealed
Everyone has a variety of faces in themselves. A public face, a private face, and a secret face. The Secret Side of me is an essential part of living in a society. However, if the ‘secret parts’ that you want to hide are revealed socially, you and those that are around you will more likely to get hurt...

From a Soldier Guarding the Country to a Rower Representing the Country (Feat. National Team Player Ha Jae-Hun)

From a Soldier Guarding the Country to a Rower Representing the Country (Feat. National Team Player Ha Jae-Hun)
There are people who are always protecting us, w...
First, Safe! Second, Safe! Third, Safe
Typhoon Ling-Ling hit South Korea in September this year. Strong winds with maximum wind speeds of 52.5 meters per second caused damage to various facilities and power outage. The signboards of the shopping mall were damaged, and trees were pulled out...
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