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Priceless and Thankful Things

Priceless and Thankful Things
Nothing lasts forever and there is no such thing...
Global Campus

Gachon university full of dreams and romance

Gachon university full of dreams and romance
It's already been 36 years since I worked at Gac...
English Clinic
How was your 2021?
Impressive moments in 2021
It was nearly 2 years ago that WHO declared the third pandemic. We have experienced ‘Social distancing’ out of obligation for the first time and spent much more time staying at home than before the pandemic...
Same place, different cases
Capone Trilogy, the darkest time ever
Can you believe an incident that one person got a whole city confused? The play Capone Trilogy is based on the real incident when Al Capone, a notorious mafia, took over Chicago in the 20th century...
A good world for children is a good world for adults
A book for children's past, present, and future, The World of Children
Recently, various issues related to children, including the ‘No Kids Zone’ issue, have become a hot topic. It is a good phenomenon that social discussions about children take place, but there are also people who are not happy about it...
We all have great potential
The True Story of Michael Oher and ‘The Blind Side’
Every Olympic Games played at the Tokyo 2020 were interesting and made a big impression, interviews with the athletes made headlines. Korea archer Kim Woo-Jin dropped out of the men’s competition of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics...

Which One Do You Use When You Search for Places You Want?

Which One Do You Use When You Search for Places You Want?
We often use Naver, which is the most famous por...
Museums for Homebodies
Due to the long-lasting effects of COVID-19, it has become difficult to engage in cultural activities such as seeing exhibits. Many exhibition halls, including the National Museum of Korea, also operate free online exhibits using VR technology, so that visitors can see the exhibited works in a virtual environment...
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