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Short-time smile on your face vs. Long-time smile on your body

Short-time smile on your face vs. Long-time smile on your body
One step upon stairs.One step toward a healthy l...
Global Campus

Dreaming of coming to Korea

Dreaming of coming to Korea
Hello my name is Phouthamaly. My friends usually...
English Clinic
How is your drinking habit?
Creating a healthy drinking culture for both mind and body.
Your heart flutters and feels free when you just hear this word, 20s. It is the golden age of life. However, some flowers fall annually without blooming. One of the reasons is..
When we study a certain subject, we do not simply read textbooks. Instead, we do in-depth study by using various media such as related publications, videos, and Internet.
A plucked flower does not want to be plucked.
Skins: A drama that can feel adolescent ordeals.
The Drama Skins is a bildungsroman drama that shows the life and friendships of U.K. teenagers. Each episode title in this drama is represents the main characters’ name.
Do not cry! It is just a movie!
The Gachon Herald’s first special event with Gachon University students
Who: Editors of the Gachon Herald When: 5p.m to 7p.m on 9th of June in 2017 Where: Classroom no. 100 on the first floor of Student Union (which used to be called...

Morality can be inherent in fashion.

‘Clothes’ are an attractive way of showing one’s...

The last work toward a classic

The last work toward a classic
Although people have different tastes in various...
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