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Photo Essay

The Hidden Side of a Person

The Hidden Side of a Person
Before you look at the top side of the cup, you ...
Global Campus

Best Movie of My Life

Best Movie of My Life
One of the most common hobbies these days is pro...
English Clinic
K-pop Idols Have Penetrated Deep into the World
But, their success didn’t begin with a worldwide strategy
Held in the US last May, ‘KCON’ was a great success and received acclaim from the 53,000 fans in attendance. This was a huge Korean Wave festival. Also, in Milan, Italy last July 7, ...
If You Endure, You Will Be Something
It’s okay not to be great; It’s okay to dilly-dally
Some people work hard every day to achieve their future dream, but others feel less confident about themselves and...
Remember, You Are the Apple of My Eye
Sometimes it’s easy to feel superfluous when working for a company or large organization. At that time, you may feel conflicted about...
I love you! No Matter what you look like
‘Beauty inside’, the true beauty in you
We live in an appearance-oriented society. Amid the increasing unemployment crisis, people’s looks have become an even more important part of...

You Should Do These Things Now

You Should Do These Things Now
What are current university students most intere...

I didn’t know before I met you

I didn’t know before I met you
Twenty years, can you feel how long a time that ...
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