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Photo Essay

Alone rather than together

Alone rather than together
Do you ever get tired of meeting people? Taking ...
Global Campus

The happy moment in Guam

The happy moment in Guam
From January 3 to 30, 2018, I went to the Univer...
English Clinic
Artificial Intelligence Robots: Do they really need humans?
Can Artificial Intelligence Robots be a companion for us in the future?
Currently, the industrial revolution is working so fast. Many people look forward to the fourth industrial revolution as well as the fifth industrial revolution. There is artificial intelligence...
Just be who you want to be!
A question that a musical Kinky Boots throws, “Do you just live your life?”
Are you satisfied with your life? Do you think that you live the life you want? Perhaps most people will answer...
For another new change
Three months have passed since I was hired as a junior reporter. During that three months I tried my best to adapt and become a...
Are you curious about your destiny?
Let’s learn about fortune-telling through the movie ‘The Face Reader’ and ‘The Princess and the Matchmaker’
Have you ever worried about your future? Like the old saying, ‘No man can tell what future brings forth’, people can’t predict the future, so...

Frances. B; Korea's first hair accessory brand

Frances. B; Korea's first hair accessory brand
Young people these days are more interested in f...

The aesthetics of the slow pace of seeing the flowers around me

The aesthetics of the slow pace of seeing the flowers around me
We are living in an age where time is moving rap...
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