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Let’s Protect Our ChildrenBad Language Habits In Media
Ha Se-Young  |  ozllof@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.03.21  18:08:12
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Who: Gachon Herald reporters
When: 2021/01/07 ~2021/01/14
Where: Gachon Herald Facebook page
What: Choosing the correct words that related to children between correct words and incorrect ones and then comment the number of bingos that correct words have made. Also, students should write the comment with a promise for children.
Why: With the development of information and communication technology, and the prolonged COVID-19 situation, many children can easily access media. As more and more people ignore children and use inappropriate language in the media, I want to introduce how to protect children's rights and correct language habits for children through this special event.
How: After reading an educational reference guide on children's rights from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, count the number of bingos made by incorrect expressions that is about children. With the number of bingos, write about your feelings and promise for children's rights on the Gachon Herald Facebook page. Starbucks Americano coupons will be offered to two students as a prize.

Prizerwinner: Jung Cho-yeon
Two bingos/ It was an opportunity to learn that several words I used casually were incorrect language habits. I thought that I should correct my language habits after being aware of my bad habits, and I hope this small movement will have a great impact.
Prizewinner: Lee Chae-hee
Two bingos/A tiny word has great power. Inappropriate words have the worst influence on children's rights. We need to be alert and refrain from using wrong words. Furthermore, I will find out how to protect children's rights directly.

 I was proud that Gachon University classmates started to consider children’s rights through this educational reference. In addition, I think it is the beginning of a small movement to change our perspectives that reflect their inappropriate language habits. As the young using the media, it is necessary to help children to use better media environment. Even if you fail to participate in the event, I hope that many classmates can access educational reference about children's rights and participate in the protection of children's rights through this article. 
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