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Let’s Get Close to the AI Engineering BuildingThe many things of the AI Engineering Building
Seo jun yeong  |  sjy5878@gachon.ac.kr
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Updated : 2022.06.28  12:55:41
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Who: The Gachon Herald Reporters
When: 2022/04/06 ~ 2021/04/27
Where: The Gachon Herald Facebook page
What: Introducing
AI Engineering Building which was newly built at Gachon University.
I thought that I had to introduce the AI Engineering Building when I had got lost because of its unique and complicated structure. The purpose is that students can introduce the AI Engineering Building to many people. The theme was “I want to be friendly with the AI Engineering Building”.
How: You can use anything such as
facilities, structure, or classroom whatever it is inside the AI Engineering Building. For example, ‘The AI Engineering Building has a ‘Cube Hall’ on the 5th floor where you can sit and relax on the chair inside the cube.’ Post a brief introduction with a photo.

Prize Winn
er: Cha Seung bin
This is the Cube Hall!
It's a cube-shaped structure from the outside, but it's nice to have space to sit inside. 🙂
I like to spend time with my friends after class!

Prize Winner: Kim tae kyun
This is AI Engineering Building rooftop!
Since the dormitories and the central playground are connected, you can feel open and comfortable! I think I will use it often in the future!
 In this event, we took time to introduce the AI Engineering Building and were able to recognize various spaces through students’ comments. This section is meaningful in that many people provided information about the AI Engineering Building. I hope that many students will know the AI Engineering Building well through this activity. I expect in the future that many students will use the AI Engineering Building without getting lost.


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