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For employmentJob Plus Program of Gachon University.
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 University is part of the process of employment. Many students actively go to school to succeed in getting a job, but most of them are students who are in some trouble or at a loss to find their way to a future career. For these students, the Job Plus Center of Gachon University provides various programs to Gachon University students. Let’s find out about the programs available there.

 First of all, let me briefly introduce what the University Job Plus Center of Gachon University does. First, they perform the role of a bridge that connects the youth employment policy of the government to young people. As an example, the Job Plus Center has launched a new program from May. In the last program, the 'career development roadmap', which is the pride of the Job Plus Center, was used. The program called ‘Employ DREAM’, which consists of special lectures on employment divided by category. It’s also divided by a ‘time zone’ of categories based on the career development road map and provides special lectures on how to write a job application and how to prepare for the interview. Starting with the College of Humanities, it began on May 12. The program was available through an application in the WIND system, and an application notice was posted on the non-curricular activities program window of the school website two weeks before the program began. The number of available participants of ‘Employ DREAM’ was about 50. If a similar program is carried out again, I hope you can apply for it in time and actively utilize the school's support so that you can take a step closer to getting a job.
 Second, the University Job Plus Center provides one-stop career services and programs to prepare for public and large companies through systematic integrated counseling. Above all, I highly recommend the Gachon Mentor Program, where you can directly listen to the experiences and advice of seniors who graduated from Gachon University. Any of our college graduate and prospective graduate who wants to support the success of their college juniors’ employment can simply become a mentor by revealing their major and their company and selecting the mentoring area. Mentees who want to get a help from Mentors can choose mentoring in the area they want and find the most suitable mentor for them and receive counseling through keyword searches such as belonging and major. I hope it will help you get a job by getting a lot of advice and indirect experience from your seniors through the Gachon Mentor Program.

 The University Job Plus Center has various contests and programs besides two programs introduced. If you want to get through the job preparation even a little more smoothly, please visit the website of the University Job Plus Center and check lots of announcements regularly and actively participate. I hope that good results will await you after preparation for employment.



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