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Do You Want to Meet a Senior at an IT Company?Gachon University IT Career Sharing Seminar
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Updated : 2022.06.28  12:58:03
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 Have you ever wanted to meet with IT practitioners to discuss your career concerns? Have you ever wanted to hear from IT practitioners about real-world work experiences? If so, I recommend you to listen to the Gachon University IT Experience Sharing Online Seminar, an opportunity to meet seniors working for IT companies after graduating from Gachon University. This seminar was held by Cho Yong-jin, a graduate of Gachon University, to share IT-related experiences with students and graduates of Gachon University. It started at 8 p.m. on March 29, 2022 at "Gathertown," a video conference platform that combines metaverse elements, and lasted for two hours. The seminar consisted of three presenters. Let's take a look at their presentation.


1.     Cho Yong-jin – Search Function (Morphology Analyzer)
 Cho Yong-jin, the first presenter, a server developer at Carrot Market, made a presentation under the theme of Making Search Functions Easy, and explained how to create search functions for apps and webs that are actually used. Among them, the morpheme analyzer was explained in detail, and unlike English, Korean is said to be difficult to separate words by spacing alone. Therefore, you should know how to use the morpheme analyzer that parses sentences in morpheme units. If you separate the morphemes that make up the sentence well, you can collect the words in the sentence and do an accurate search, even if the spacing is not good, such as ‘아버지가방에들어가신다’. At the end of the presentation, the process of practicing these morpheme analysts was introduced.
2.     Lee Jung-yoon – Developer’s turnover and resume
 The second presenter, Carrot Market front-end developer Lee Jung-yoon, talked about his job change experiences. He also released his resume, which was not just a list of text, but a neat design that included all essential information like a poster. After the presentation, he asked, "Is there anything you must prepare for employment for students who are currently attending university?" and told them to faithfully study the basic subjects of their major at school.
3.     Shim Ho-jin – Resume and interview tips for job seekers
 The last presenter was Shim Ho-jin, a senior at Musinsa, gave advice on his resume and interviewing skills. While conducting an actual interview, he advised job seekers based on his experience, especially emphasizing the importance of a simple and clear resume to save interviewers' time. He also recommended building evidence to show his growth process because interviewers value consistency. He communicated some points to keep in mind about the interview. First of all, he said it was important to practice a lot, and he said not to answer the interviewer's questions hastily even though he did not know them well. However, he also urged people to avoid answering "I don't know." Interviewers want to hear the interviewer's thoughts even if they are not the right answer, so it is better to share your thoughts even if they are not the right answer. After all the presentations, there was time for presenters and participants to talk freely.
If you want to participate in the seminar?
 The IT career sharing seminar started with the first in February and the second on March 29. About 50 people gathered and successfully finished. The seminar will be held on the last Tuesday of every month, and the participation fee will be 3,000 won, regardless of student or office worker. If you want to talk more with the presenter, you can enter the Kakao Talk open chat room and talk to many people working for IT companies.
 Several Gachon University graduates in the IT industry are sharing their experiences and helping students and jobseekers. It was good to know how to implement functions in real work through this seminar, and it was very helpful to get a resume or interview tip. I think the useful information from the seminar will help you get good results from future job challenges. Readers are also hoping to attend the seminar and get some useful information. If several people gather and share their experiences, each individual will grow faster. If you are interested in IT, I recommend you to participate in this seminar.
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