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Watching a Musical in My House?!Online musical, ‘The Brothers Karamazov’
Kim Hyun-Jin  |  emily0125@naver.com
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Updated : 2022.06.28  21:45:50
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 As COVID-19 is prolonged, we are enjoying various activities on online. I’ve previously introduced in the Experience section of the March issue the online <Grip tok making class>. Despite being online, thanks to their systematic system, I was able to experience that class with the same quality as an offline course. Therefore, I’m going to introduce how we can enjoy a new cultural life online.
 In the musical industry, recently, there have been frequent issues with actors that have been confirmed as having COVID-19. Because of this issue, plays are sometimes canceled on the same day or ended without meeting the set performance period. Therefore, the cultural industry continues to falter and we cannot enjoy cultural life. To soothe away this sense of frustration, I searched some musicals that we can watch on online. Among them, I recognized the musical ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ which is broadcast live. It is based on Dostoevsky’s novel <The Brothers of the Karamazov> and this musical is performed with only five characters singing, acting on just one set without any stage changes. From now on, I will introduce the online musical ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ in earnest and explain how to watch it.
 This musical is 100 minutes and a Daehangno box office hit, and is said to be a luxury musical completed with the nation’s best video team and 10 4K cameras. We can watch with various angles including full shots, medium shots, and close up shots. Filming and casting were conducted only for recording broadcasts. To briefly introduce the story, it revolves around a psychological battle that four brothers Dmitry, Ivan, Alyosha, and Smerzakov who despise their father Fyodor who was suddenly killed one day. As mentioned earlier, this play consists of a unique composition method that all the plots can be understood only by the main characters’ conversations in one stage device without separate stage changes. Other characters are only mention in their dialogue and do not appear on stage. Acting and singing with only five emotional lines seem to have become advantage to focus more on the performance and such composition was a strength when enjoying online.
 The online musical ‘The Brothers Karmazov’ can be watched through Naver TV, and we can purchase tickets for the musical by choosing one of two options. The first option is to buy only tickets by sponsoring more than 20,000 won, which is the basic sponsorship amount. The second option is to receive goods and pamphlets that relate to musical when paying additional prices apart from the sponsorship amount. If you choose the second one, the default ticket and the components will be delivered to your home later. Since both options are different in price, you can choose the option that suits your taste by referring to the guide.
 I introduced the online musical, 'The Brothers Karamazov' and easily introduced how to watch it. It was a unique opportunity to experience this musical, and I thought that even if offline plays were activated after the end of COVID-19, it would be a good chance for people who could not enjoy cultural life due to personal reasons. The reporters who watched with me expressed regret that there were sounds and dialogues that were less conveyed than the scene, but it was unique that they could watch it through the sponsorship system. Also, they want to sponsor more than the basic amount as there seemed to be more opportunities for audiences, actors to watch and act safely. Everyone is having a hard time because of COVID-19, but it is a great advantage that it has created a new, easier way to enjoy civilized learning.
 Besides the previously introduced ‘The Brothers Karamazov’, various plays are being performed online and offline at a time. When you search ‘Online Musical’ on Naver, you will be able to choose plays that suit your taste. If there are students who feel pressure to go to offline performances, why don't you watch online musicals at home?
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