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The Best Gifts are the Simplest OnesThank you and I love you, my loves
Choi Seh-min  |  cchloe1006@gmail.com
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Updated : 2022.06.29  16:44:04
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 Thinking about “The best gifts are the simplest ones.” I was able to relate to a Korean drama in which contains the message, “the best gifts are the simplest ones.” The story illustrates a family. The main character is a very busy writer who wants to be successful in her career. So, she only cares about her work and not her family. She has a lovely daughter and a busy husband. Her husband works far away from the house. She is only able to see him every weekend. 
 In fact, her nanny was the only person who was caring for their daughter. She was wealthy because of her busy career. She sent her daughter to specialized kindergarten, and she always gave her nanny money to buy her daughter’s clothes. When others looked at her daughter, she looked like a person who has everything. However, she always got a phone call from kindergarten teachers. Also, her nanny always told her that her daughter needs interactions with people. However, she just denied it and thinks that she is a good parent who buys everything that her daughter wants. Her nanny was keep telling her to stay with her daughter. So, she fired the nanny because she hated someone getting involved in her family's businesses.
 One day, she got a phone call from a doctor and received a message that her daughter got in a car accident. She ran to the hospital. It was her first time seeing the outside world after her daughter was born. The mother was suffering from depression. So, she only stayed at home and wrote stories. She worked like a horse. After she gets to the hospital, she hears the announcement that her daughter already passed away. She ran to the morgue and saw her daughter. A letter that her daughter was holding onto caught her eye. She pulled the letter from her daughter’s hand and read the letter. There was only one sentence that says, “Love me, mom.” She cried really hard and see her daughter’s previous presents. There was ash, paper flowers, and other letters which were in the trash. She finally noticed that love is the only thing that her daughter was desiring. 
 Why don’t you express your feelings to the person next to you, now? Thank you, I love you. Just a word will be fine. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings often to your lovers, so that you don’t regret it in the future. People by your side don’t want any expensive and shining gift from you. What they need is you just stay next to your love and want to listen to your heart. 
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